Impact of astrology on Umbrella branding strategy

Astrology has made a deep impact on branding and launching products in the market. In umbrella branding, two or more products are sold under the same brand; hence, it has become quite vital for the businessmen to take the help of astrologists to make the product famous in the market. With different astrological strategies, the branding managers find a strong foothold to launch the product in the market.

How Astrology is Helpful?

As there are two or more products involved, there is a greater chance of risk of failure in the target market. To avoid such risks, the businessmen look forward to astrologers as their studies and knowledge can rule out any obstacle. According to Astro-Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah, a product planetary alignment must be taken into consideration to understand how it is going to perform in the market. GAP Analysis is the best tool for the same.

By keeping the planetary combination and zodiac studies in mind, a product’s image and branding must be done. This has actually proven highly beneficial for many organisations. When the planets are properly aligned, the product or products will fetch positive reviews from the customers and make a strong presence.

The impact of astrology is huge in branding. No matter how well a brand performs in the market, managers take planets and their strength into consideration. If a major planet is not strong in the chart, it is reinforced by consulting an astrologer.

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