मुझे बहुत बुरा लगता है जब मैं देखता हूं कि किसी व्यक्ति में बहुत potential है और अभी भी उसके खाते में उतना पैसा नहीं है … or not having success as per potential और इसके पीछे बड़े कारण यह हैं कि उनमें CERTAINTY की कमी है।says Astro Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

Weekly Numerology Predictions

Yes BIG reasons behind it is they are lacking with CERTAINTY.

If you are doing business….money should be in your account’
If you are doing politics…power should be there
If you are entertainer….you should be on top 20

यदि आप business कर रहे हैं … money should be in your account ‘
अगर आप politics कर रहे हैं … सत्ता होनी चाहिए
यदि आप entertainer ya Actor ya Actress ho…you should be on top 20

यदि आप एक sportsman हैं …you should be in the national team…or recognised international player….and the same way Sportsmen or Entertainer should get endorsement as per face value…

otherwise you are struggling…Yes you are struggling…You have to accept and try to achieve as per your potential

“Act” and “React” both are very important ingredients for any business.

Business strategy is the combination of When, where, what and how to act and react

There are mainly 12 Zodiac Signs, 12 houses in Horoscope, Same way in real life there are 12 months, 7 days in a week, 7 Main planets in horoscope and 2 Shadow planets (Rahu and Ketu).

All planets are good, all planets show some movement everyday.

The Point is how to utilise and to make & execute strategies with planets’ movement to create opportunities for business and for making the future better.

Most of the successful people are in a situation where they’ve learned to increase their CERTAINTY.

How do you increase your certainty? By getting the results in ADVANCE and by enough repetition till you feel certain.

Why live an OK life…why not an excellent life ?

यदि आप बीमार हो जाते हैं, तो आप क्या करेंगे … आप डॉक्टर के पास जाएंगे … दवाएँ लेंगे और अगर चीजें नहीं सुधर रही हैं..तो आप किसी अन्य डॉक्टर से मिलेंगे…correct?
means you are changing your approach…same way..keep changing your approach…जब तक आपको सफलता नहीं मिलती।
until you get success.

मुझे लगता है कि यदि आप हाथ में enough cash on hand हैं, तो 70-80% of the issues and problems, we can solve easily.
Astrology is one of the TOOLs where you get to know things in advance before making any strategies or taking any massive action. And when you gain certainty, you can execute with more potential!

The point is make money as per your potential….

Believe in Astrology science or don’t believe Astrology science…Use Astrology or don’t use astrology……if you are not able to make money as per your potential…change your approach…keep changing your approach until you succeed.