The Fast Food industry is growing in innovation like every other industry right now. This innovation may come in the form of faster food processing technologies or enhancing the ease of use for the customers.

Recently our readers were keen to know what Mr. Hirav Shah has to say on the trends that will rule the fast food industry in the coming years. Hirav Shah, the famous Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer who is working with World’s leading hoteliers, Tourism and hospitality owners, Theme Park Owners, Restaurant owners, etc from the USA, Europe, England, UAE, India, etc…for their existing and new projects to increase certainty and to make strategies, has many points to share which would guide the emerging entrepreneurs who want to make a mark in the food industry.

According to Hirav Shah, the use of modern equipment and state-of-the-art technologies surely results in increased customer satisfaction hence greater revenue. Understanding the user’s needs and fulfilling them is a way to win the game in this modern era. If one doesn’t feel or think about user preferences he cannot succeed in the corporate world whether it is a fast-food industry or any other industry for that matter.

This utility-driven approach doesn’t just fancy the fast food industry but also the Wholesale food distribution companies and Cash and carry stores as well.

Hirav Shah will now discuss the Futuristic Trends in the fast food industry that will take the game to another whole level in the upcoming days.

Voice-Operated Ordering System

No one has enough time to wait in lines for their food to get ready in this fast-paced daily life, so this problem requires a modern and sophisticated solution. A solution that can provide utility and save time as well.

At the National Restaurant Association NRA 2019 show, the ZIVELO, a global manufacturer of the self-service kiosk and digital signage technology, has shown its first AI-enabled prototype that is the first voice-operated ordering system. This system takes the customer’s order using voice commands and then processes it. Other features of this system are listed below.

  • Voice Recognition.
  • AI-based Record Tracking.
  • Provide Custom Order Suggestions and recommendations.
  • Stores previously placed orders.

Well, where the above concept will change the whole customer’s buying experience it also comes with some extra questions regarding its use whether the system will support all accents and dialects or not. If yes then it would revolutionize the Industry.

3rd-Party Delivery system

As I have already said that no one has that much time to travel and get their favorite food, else they would prefer to order food online and get it delivered to their doorsteps. To fulfill this need most restaurants are using 3rd-party food delivery services with the likes of GrubHub and UberEats topping the charts.

3rd Party Food delivery services are growing rapidly as the trends of digital food ordering. Most of the people now order their food from their mobile phones (Digital Order). So, to keep up with the market Restaurants must establish their Food Delivery system and that can be a 3rd Party delivery system as well. While this idea is not only enhancing user’s experience and providing utility but it is also generating potential employment opportunities for people.

Food Pick Up cabinets

Food Pickup cabinets are also known as self-serve pickup cabinets. The whole process is fairly simple yet utility-oriented. Customers can order remotely from their mobile phone and when the order is placed it gets forwarded to the restaurant’s location. The order gets processed and when the order is ready it is placed in the Pickup cabinets where its temperature is also maintained. After that, a notification is sent to the customer with a unique QR code which they can scan at the location and pick their food from the cabinet.

Drive-through Supermarket

Another Concept that has been introduced that is gaining peak is Drive-Through Supermarkets. These Supermarkets eliminate the Customer’s hassle of waiting in long queues for the groceries and other food items.

These Supermarkets are just like Drive-troughs. People can come in their cars and pick their desired items from the shelf and place it on the conveyor belt. The Shelves are vertically aligned and can be rotated with a physical button present at the site.

At the end of the conveyor belt, there is a sales Representative who starts packaging the goods as they arrive at his window. Once the customer is done with his hopping he/she can drive to the window, pay for the items and take them home. Fairly simple.

“Nothing is permanent but change.” – Hercules

Hirav Shah tells us that as the quote suggests that everything has to change someday because it is a continuous process. This statement is also true for the fast-food industry. They will have to keep changing and evolving with time to capture and facilitate user needs promptly. To meet the changing consumer preferences and demands, fast food industry players are faced with the need to innovate and customize menu options as the industry is expected to have a positive outlook by the end of 2020. Even in Unpredictability, YOUR Fast Food Business CAN STILL THRIVE. Know how far the light is at the end of this tunnel and the certainty of you reaching there and that is where an Astro Strategist can make things easier for you.