Talent assessments assist companies in testing the true caliber of the job aspirants for employment and determining if applicants are a good match for their job vacancies. Companies that conduct talent assessments are basically seeking applicants that match their criteria of hiring,” says Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

What are Talent Assessments?

Hirav Shah explains that talent assessment is a process by which the employer selects the right job candidates for the company. Talent assessment score can be used to predict an applicant’s on-job performance also.

Big companies use talent assessment tests to access the candidate’s personality, logical ability, numerical ability, and verbal ability.

In these post-pandemic times, It has become even more important for the company to select the right candidates, as the market will be full of people actively looking for new jobs.

Talent assessment tests give a boost to the talent acquisition strategy of the company.

Large companies, who have a lot of money and resources at their disposal, often use the heavy amounts in ensuring that they are recruiting the best talent for their company, as they know that it’s the employees who will bring success for the company.

Some time back, there were only limited resources available with the company to access the talent of a potential candidate. Like face to face interviews, written tests, telephonic interviews, video interviews, etc.

In today’s time, We have modern recruitment tools like behavioral tests, cognitive tests, job simulation, and more.

What are the Different types of Talent Assessment Tests?

Psychometric tests – These tests are used to measure a candidate’s cognitive abilities, interests, personality, critical thinking.

Behavioral tests – This test is used to access the candidate’s behavior. It can be used to understand which industries the potential candidate will best fit in.

Cognitive ability tests – These tests access the candidate’s numerical ability, verbal ability problem-solving ability.

Spoken English Assessment – This test is used to access the candidate’s English fluency, grammar, pronunciation, and listening.

Other ways by which you can access your candidate’s Talent –

Work Samples – A work sample is real work that you will give to the candidate to complete. It is usually a work in the field the candidate is going to work.

For example, a content writer can be asked to write content on a given topic, to access the quality he provides.

Job Simulations – You can provide a real working environment and then ask the candidate to complete the task. For example – You can ask the candidate to handle a customer over live chat /voice chat to access how good he is in handling the situation.

AI-powered Video Interviews – These are becoming popular over time. In this interview, They allow candidates to record their answers, and interviewers can check and evaluate them at their own time. With the help of AI, face-scanning algorithms can help us to understand the candidate’s tone, expression, mood, and a lot of details, which help to understand which candidate is best for the job.

Job Trials: A simple way to access how the candidate performs, is to allow him to work for 1 or 2 days at a fixed rate and then access how they are working in the new environment, how they are performing the work, and if they are compatible with the work culture. Job trials cannot be done in every sector, but surely blue-collar jobs can do it.

Choosing The Best Talent Assessment For Your Company

Hirav Shah says, “First and foremost, a deeper look at your hiring process is a must. Is your initial screening given you successful results? Are there any lags in any step of the process? If the majority of candidates, for example, who move to the interview phase are qualified, then your current selection practices probably work well, and you can then look into speed and efficiency.

So, depending on where the enhancements need to be made, you can select the assessments that work best for each role in your company. Determine what you want to do and research recruiting assessment tools that will assist you in making that happen. Some assessment providers can also integrate brilliantly with a talent acquisition platform that will give more power to your hiring process as a whole.