Land is an imperishable asset, ever-increasing in value. Its popularity in the Country has not receded, despite the availability of various financial products such as mutual funds and equity shares.
On that note, Mr. Hirav Shah, the Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer, who has been working closely with many of the leading Developers, Infrastructure, and Real Estate giants of India, USA, etc as a Real Estate Strategist, Real Estate Investment Advisor, Property Investment Advisor Expresses-
In India, making investments in land has always been considered to be long term with potential higher gains. You can’t say if it is the best way or not, as it totally depends on the amount you have invested, the locality, the price appreciation and last but not the least, if the land is free from any type of hurdles. While investing in lands, make sure that you conduct a complete study of the property. This procedure includes a complete analysis of the maps, verification of land, taxes, condition of the land and the house, as well as the verification of any other special aspects and limitations of the land. One more aspect and the most important aspect is the timing aspect. “Timing Is Everything”.

Hirav Shah’s Astrological Analysis

Whenever the deal is with a land, the position and condition of the ‘4th house & its lord’ should always be looked a.The planets that are responsible for owning land and property are Mars, Saturn and Moon. Saturn is especially one of the main planets for real estate and property because Mars represents owning or conquering lands. While the Moon is the main planet that makes a home as it represents Mother. The 4th house is also the main house of the Moon.
So, are you a seasoned investor in land or a first timer, searching for land investment opportunities in India – that will provide you a decent return and a consistent and steady income in 2021 and the years ahead ?

Real Estate Astrologer and Real Estate Strategist Hirav Shah’s Top 5 picks for cities to invest in India – Land and Plot Spaces are Dholera, Srinagar, Guwahati, Bhopal and Kanpur, keeping in mind that it will help you earn benefits in 2021 and the coming years.

Availing yourselves of advantages that these below mentioned cities offer, is going to set you apart from the rest and will put you several notches up as investors.

1. Dholera Real Estate for LAND and PLOTS

Favourable Time Period to invest in Dholera Real Estate for LAND and PLOTS – 15 May, 2021 to 20 July, 2021
Real Estate Investment Advisor Hirav Shah says, Land Investments in this period will not only make prosperity easier but also certain.”

Smart City-
Ever since honourable PM Sh. Narendra Modi announced “100 Smart Cities Mission” there has been a buzz about smart cities, especially Dholera Greenfield Smart City and according to Ms. Meenakshi Khurana, MD, SmartHomes Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. this city has all the potential to become a “Trillion Dollar Baby” because of mega project level developments are happening in Dholera Smart City which is strategically located on DMIC corridor.

Trillion Dollar Baby-
In the next 2 decades the entire land of Dholera Smart City will be valued at approx a trillion dollars! From almost nil in land value to a trillion dollar real estate asset in 3 decades since 2010 it will be a commendable story.

Invest In Dholera, Invest In The Future-
Every year the infrastructural development is happening in Dholera and that is adding value to the land of Dholera year by year. Today the average value of land/sub plots sold in the projects inside and outside SIR is in the range of Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 4,000 per sq meter.
In next 20 years, the company expect that the land appreciates to the today’s rate of land in Ahmedabad which is around Rs. 2 Lakh per sq meter on an average and the company apply today’s rate of Ahmedabad to Dholera Smart City’s developable area of 420 sq kms inside SIR and 100 sq kms approx on the border and outside SIR, then the total 520 sq kms will be valued at more than 1 trillion USD.

2. Srinagar Real Estate for LAND and PLOTS

Favourable Time Period to invest in Srinagar Real Estate for LAND and PLOTS – 5 April, 2021 to 7 June, 2021
Investing in this time period with the right approach and guidance can lead you to monetary success.

Land Law Modifications-
Section 17 of the Jammu and Kashmir Development Act, which deals with land laws in the UT has seen some modifications. The phrase ‘permanent resident of the state’ has been removed, clearing the way for anticipated investment in land by outsiders. The notification by the MHA makes clear that all legal barriers that restricted the purchase of land by non-residents, have now been removed. Although agricultural land cannot be sold to non-agriculturists, the transfer of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes, such as healthcare and educational institutions, has been made relatively easier than before.

Finite Asset-
One of the biggest benefits of a land investment or a villa plot is that infinite options are available, like you can also resell the same in future at a higher price.
Meanwhile, if we take the example of Srinagar, it always trends in the media due to its faster progress and our government’s support. So land investment in Srinagar is certainly going to be the next smart practise for smart investors.

Little Start-up Funds-
When you are investing in land in Srinagar, you do not need heavy funds to start with. You can buy a plot or land with a small amount or via easy installments as per your budget.

Low Initial Investment-
A plot of land is more cost-effective than an already built apartment or shop. Therefore, many investors like to invest in land early in life and then build their house later. If you want to invest in Dholera, it offers a splendid opportunity for investments, with countless avenues of green, pure, and blissful living, should you choose to live there in the future.

3. Guwahati (Assam) Real Estate for LAND and PLOTS

Favourable Time Period to invest in Srinagar Real Estate for LAND and PLOTS – 3 March, 2021 to 7 May, 2021
Taking advantage of this period and investing in land can certainly reap dividends in the future.

Booming Real Estate-
Gateway to Northeast India, Guwahati is also known as “City of Temples” and “Light of the East”. It attracts religious tourists from all-over India. Investing your money in land in Guwahati ensures good returns.

Price Appreciation & Zero Maintenance-
Investment in traditional instruments such as FDs, recurring deposits, and mutual funds allows you to gain from the return. However, for building an asset considered investment in land. This is lucrative and flexible, as you can use the land to construct your home, resell a part of it and use the rest, or resell the entire property at appreciated prices. Typically, there are no additional maintenance costs to ownership of land.

4. Kanpur Real Estate for LAND and PLOTS

Favourable Time Period to invest in Srinagar Real Estate for LAND and PLOTS – 11 May, 2021 to 23 July, 2021
Utilizing this favourable time period to strategize and invest, can yield remunerative results for sure.

Flourishing Real Estate – Kanpur is one of the most populous cities in India, which needs more housing and planned townships to meet the growing demand.
Better connectivity is another imperative factor for the growth of property investment in Kanpur. With Yamuna Expressway already functioning and many major proposed and under construction civic amenities are drawing investors from all across.
The surrounding region of Kanpur is a major spiritual hot spot, which draws people from all over the country. And, in return, it needs more infrastructures driving the land investment in Kanpur.

Limited Supply, Never Ending Demand –
Limited supply & never-ending demand are driving the land to be more valuable.

Greater Flexibility Less investment cost, Higher resale value-
If you compare a readymade property like a house, and then if you want to change the layout or architecture of your house, it demands cost and time. And then you talk of land, then you will have greater flexibility as compared to a readymade property. You can design your dream house as per your thinking and style . Hence, it offers greater flexibility.

5. Bhopal Real Estate for LAND and PLOTS

Favourable Time Period to invest in Srinagar Real Estate for LAND and PLOTS – 10 July, 2021 to 15 September, 2021
It is unquestionable that you will end up earning huge profits by investing in land in this beneficial time period.


Plethora Of Opportunities For Investors –
-Strategic Geographic Area
-Quickly Developing Facilities, so the rates will surely boost
-Accessibility of land at a budget-friendly rate
-Has a dynamic commercial base & big business companies

Low Costs Of Land-
When land costs are still low, it would certainly be a sensible alternative to investing in Bhopal real estate homes now.

With Real Estate, Comes “Real Money”
But, you need to Strategize !!
You need the “Time Period” To Be Favourable, Besides Everything Else.