Farm houses are status symbols and are often rather fancy constructions in the middle of farm lands. The idea is to provide a home that a family can indulge in for leisurely activities and show off their wealth. While the idea of a farmhouse sounds rather appealing and attainable if one has the necessary cash, the market faces the problem of unsold inventory. Astro strategist Hirav Shah suggests timelines for sale of unsold inventory, thus bailing out many developers, big, medium and small

Land is a premium in any part of the land. Thanks to rapid urbanisation and exponential growth of urban populace, people have taken a fancy to living in multi-storeyed apartment blocks. This is not restricted to one country or a pool of countries, but has become a part of the skyline in almost every city. The craze has spread to even tier-2 and tier-3 towns and cities.
Realty is a viable and most reliable investment from a customer’s point of view. And everyone who has the moolah or money to splurge will invest in fancy places, which have several amenities or are geographically strategically placed.
Apart from apartments in high-rise buildings and gated communities, many people with enough money to spend invest in farm houses, once their investment in apartments and houses is done. This leads to their investment in immovable assets like farm houses.

Often situated at outskirts in sprawling spaces, these farm houses are looked upon as status symbols. Of course, there are lower end farm houses, but they exude luxury in their socio-economic strata.
Farm houses are places where the families go to chill with friends and family. As the name suggests, the land here will also have plants and trees, the produce of which is used at homes and distributed among friends and family. Seasonal crops or trees are grown and a family can produce vegetables, fruits and flowers on their property. And if the crop or trees end up giving bumper crop, then they are also sold commercially.
More often than not, farm houses are done up aesthetically and promise a relaxed atmosphere for the family that owns it.
The concept of buying farm lands for recreational purposes is not new and has been going on for generations. And Gen z is also enamoured by the idea of having a farm house to flaunt.

Different farm house styles popular around the world

French farmhouse: French provincial style is hugely in fashion. These houses are characterised by hardwood flooring, rustic accents, and tons of marble. Then of course there are the typical galvanised lantern lights that reflect a unique pattern of light on the ceilings. This is yet another feature that brightens the airy French country inspired space.
Scandinavian farmhouse: This one is symbolised by minimalist, bright white, clean lines and light wooden flooring. Scandinavian kitchens are notoriously modern, but they also combine rustic elements, like the antique inspired island in the kitchen, traditionally found in the country.
Rustic farmhouse: Rustic farmhouse style combines handcrafted, distressed woods, open shelving, vintage accents and decor that could have been picked up in a flea market. The kitchen is kept updated with stylish white cabinets, cool gray walls, to name a few.
Modern farmhouse: Rustic means refined and this is what modern farm style is all about. Smooth lines, glossy accents, simplicity and neutral or monochromatic colour schemes achieve a contemporary look warmed with farmhouse style.
Coastal farmhouse: Airy, breezy, light and inspired by the colours of the ocean, coastal farmhouses remind us of a much-loved beach side cottage. Coastal farm houses often incorporate sea glass, driftwood elements, wood beams, ship lap or beard board and warm touches of gold or brass.
Colonial farmhouse: This kind of farmhouse displays endless charm and old-world accents. Colonial farmhouses often feature colonial grid windows and cabinet doors, brick fireplaces and flooring, primitive exposed wood beams, and a muted natural colour scheme.
Traditional farmhouse: Traditional farmhouse is the design style that pays homage to real farmhouses of the past. They have simple shaker cabinets, schoolhouse inspired lighting, mixed metals, soapstone counters, a ‘farmhouse’ sink and repurposed wooden island in traditional farmhouse kitchens.
Industrial farmhouse: Cool metals, concrete tops, Edison bulb pendants, natural wood and gray colour schemes are at home in industrial style farmhouses. This masculine take on farmhouse style is very trendy and works great with city dwellers who want to honour their urban roots with a touch of warmth and texture borrowed from the countryside.
With well-heeled people spending on farm houses in a big way, they more or less stick to the above styles and do not defer from these principles.
From the look of it, the process seems terribly simple. Have money, have style and voila you have your own farm house.
But let’s check out the problems of unsold inventory:

1) Farmhouses could be placed randomly and are not part of a gated community. Many invest in groups and check out the credentials of other buyers before investing in a property. This could result in unsold inventory.
2) If farmhouses are built in a row with very little space around them, they spoil the very idea of having a country home.
3) If the interior design is rather vague, this puts off various potential buyers.
4) If the farm land attached to the house is not fertile or does not yield revenues, then the developer is likely to end up with unsold inventory.
5) Market fluctuations. If the realty market is dull, sellers show interest in getting rid of unsold inventory. But, buyers are not keen on investing during such times. This affects the demand and supply curve.
6) A farm house is supposed to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, connectivity and availability of basic amenities around the place are critical for a potential buyer investing in a farmhouse.
7) Those opting for a farmhouse want aesthetically enhanced places. So, it is up to the builders to make sure they meet the expectations of clients. Else, the buyers are bound to end up with unsold inventory.
8) Proper marketing and word of mouth publicity is critical when selling farm houses. If the developer lags behind in this aspect, then it is bound to impact their sales.
9) Lastly, the target audience should have the kind of money set aside for a farmhouse. If the developer targets those with lesser resources, then curiosity does not convert into sales. This results in unsold inventory.

Astro strategist Hirav Shah will have a solution for unsold farm houses

As mentioned above, farm houses are a symbol of luxury and abundance. Many a time, people owning a farm house, flaunt their connections and want to host private parties and family get-togethers at their farm house. For this purpose, they do thorough market research, check with consultants and go by word of mouth publicity, while deciding on a property.
Of course, not all farm houses are fancy, recreational centres for owners. Some farm houses are pretty basic and provide land and farm produce alone. On the other hand, there are high-end buyers of farm lands who prefer buying in gated communities alongside people who are in their business or personal circles.
Astro Strategist™ Hirav Shah is a well-known name in business circles. So is the case with corporate companies. He is well-travelled, interacts with people from around the world and has immense knowledge about real estate business.
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Being an astro-strategist, Hirav Shah combines his insights from the business world with that of a developer’s personal chart, and gives a complete picture as to when and how the unsold inventory will be sold.
He predicts a timeline for unsold inventory, which has earned him quite a few customers from realty business. He points out when one can pump in money and when one must lie low for some time. This personalised service has bailed out various realty developers.