Do you feel your business needs rebranding…being a decade-old enterprise?

If yes, it’s certainly a good idea. Like the way you keep on improving your product-line or services with evolving technology and market requirements, your brand too needs a revamp.

We recently had a chitchat with the world-famous Astro Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah about his opinion on Rebranding and what are the crucial factors to be considered if a company wants to go for rebranding.

Hirav Shah says that every product needs a rebrand sooner or later. Whether it’s due to underperforming sales, bad reputation, or a combination of both, rebranding can revitalize a product that is no longer connecting with consumers. Finding the right branding strategy for a product can be difficult, which is why there are numerous examples of rebranding failures.

Hirav Shah recalls that Apple was nearly bankrupt and McDonald’s was blamed for making America fat. Hirav Shah reveals that there were campaigns that mocked and alerted the public to McDonald’s food as a leading cause of obesity. McDonald’s has since then tried to rebrand itself as more health-conscious with a greater variety of salads and other healthy meal options, in addition to offering lower-priced menu items. Under the slogans “I’m lovin it,” which featured an original tune by Justin Timberlake, and the newer “what we’re made of,” families and young couples are seen enjoying their meals at McDonald‘s.

Hirav Shah says that the lesson to be learned is to pay attention to what the public says about you and respond with products and services that counteract those accusations.

He also says that similarly, in 1997, Apple was veering dangerously close to bankruptcy. Nearly 20 years later, stock prices have gone from $5 to $500 and the company is stronger than ever. What changed? By producing reliable and elegantly designed products such as the iMac, iPods, and iPads, Apple became a juggernaut in technology. Almost all products released have been an instant hit, and every move Steve Jobs makes the media go in a frenzy.

And this time the lesson to be learned was to build creative well-made products that are enhanced by beautiful packaging. Also, create a positive experience for customers as Apple has done with its stores.

So we asked Hirav Shah then how do you go about Rebranding? He tells us that this is perhaps the most important part of the rebranding exercise. Go to a layman, and he would suggest a mere alteration of corporate design. But that would simply amount to repackaging your products and services and may deny you the chance of undergoing the transformation or brand makeover that you are looking for.

Hirav Shah says that some people may have doubts if the name of the company, its logo, the selection of partners and key staff, his marketing strategy, his brand name etc., should all be astrologically compatible with his own birth-date and personal astrology? And the answer is a resounding YES. To yield maximum success for all the hard work and efforts any entrepreneur should also adapt the rules of astrology to have that edge over his competitors.

What astrology does is that it analyzes your self-image and brand image and develops it accordingly. An Astro-Strategist and Business Astrologer uses the tools of modern brand development to achieve your goals. Some of these tools include target group analysis, customer surveys, benchmarking and web stats analysis. Combining these tools with astrology and come up with the aligned trends that your business needs to follow to become a brand. As per Hirav Shah, such astrological techniques for successful and forward thinking brand positioning are very popular these days and they are definitely effective as well.

As per Hirav Shah these are the fundamentals one should follow while rebranding his product or organization:

  1. Name of the organization: Numerologically and Astrologically it should be spelled in just the right way.
  2. Correct partners: Check the compatibility, strength and weakness of all partners and administrators with your Astro- Strategist.
  3. Percentage of shares of all partners: Each should be correctly balanced with one another.
  4. Registered Address & administrative address: It should be astrologically compatible with name of the organization and key people of the company
  5. Logo of the organization: Logos aren’t good or unhealthy : rather they’re either lucky or unlucky. A carefully planned logo provides guidance, confidence, faith, energy and importance. It additionally adds value to your whole brand and business.
  6. Web, Print, Digital presence:
    Logo, Colors, fonts, Headings, Images, structure, framework all should be in the correct place and in astrological harmony.
  1. Brand Name or DBA: Critically, the name of the Brand can provide direction and purpose to the organization. It can support sales and profit and even affect employee morale and job satisfaction.

Hirav Shah who has vast experience in Astrology for business and has helped many companies in successful Rebranding by providing them innovative strategies, says that rebranding instills new confidence in your business and helps in reaching out to a new segment of the customers. It ensures your brand stays relevant with the changing trends in the market and ahead of its competitors.Finally it all comes down to staying true to your heritage, listening to both the people who love your company and those who are critical, and following the rules of astrology. If you can balance all of that and focus on a few that are critical to you, your rebranding should be just as successful as McDonald’s or Apple.