Mr. Hirav Shah is one of the most famous Astro Strategist™s and Business Astrologers in the world currently. He firmly believes in using ASTROLOGY AS A TOOL to make Marketing Strategies for Business. Hirav Shah has created marvels in the fields of Business, Sports, Politics, films, and many more industries with his sheer knowledge of Business ideas and astrology.

While discussing the prospects of e-commerce marketing in the field of the Apparel and Fashion industry, he makes some valid points.

Hirav Shah says, “Coronavirus unexpectedly swiped across the world and changed consumer behavior and the whole market in a matter of weeks. We can detect a few trends that will impact the fashion and retail industry as a whole:

  • Retailers are closing brick-and-mortar shops
  • The massive shift to online eCommerce shopping
  • Online Grocery sales multiply
  • Online time is increasing
  • TV time is increasing as people are staying home
  • Technology product sales will likely lag in the most difficult weeks
  • Fashion sales will likely lag in the most difficult weeks

In this column, Hirav Shah takes a look at what is changing in the Indian Apparel Industry to make way for an easy transition to the age of E-Commerce.

Machinery – It is said that a product is only as good as the manufacturing process. This is why it goes without saying that the efficiency and quality of the machinery in the manufacturing and packaging process play a huge role in the final product’s quality. In the age of E-Commerce, the average Women’s apparel exporter in India or any other brand-related to the apparel industry has to make sure that their product is of the highest quality and at a competitive price, if they are looking to grow and beat the competition. In such a scenario, having the highest quality of machinery is not a luxury or matter of choice, but a necessity to ensure you’re still in the business.

Advertising – Till a few years ago, the apparel industry took to advertising majorly when it came to retail. After all, the best way to lure in customers was through advertising. However, today not just retailers, but even exporters and manufacturers are going on the advertising path in increasing numbers. Be it social media or through other traditional channels, having a strong advertising and marketing department can help you bring in more business by showcasing your products in a very modern and contemporary manner. Having your brand recognized is no longer left to just word-of-mouth or organic methods. Today, everybody from Bulk Garment Manufacturer India to a simple Yarn dye shirt manufacturer India is taking to advertising to make their presence felt.

Repositioning Brands – Gone are the days when a business only needed to have a decent enough product quality to make it big in the industry. Today, having a strong brand presence with a clear cut target group is a must. You may be having a Jacket Factory India or you may be a Bulk Men’s T-shirts Exporter India – even if you are not a retailer, having a very clear-cut brand positioning is a must for the success of your business. Right from having a product offering that appeals to a more globalized audience to having an online presence that is likable and relatable, brands are quickly making the transition into being ‘prosumer’ brands.

Going Green – Brands today are getting more and more conscious about their contribution to the earth’s well-being. With the growing emphasis put ongoing green and the growing interest of the consumer in being ‘eco-friendly’, having brands that are as ‘Green’ and environment-friendly as possible is a huge benefit.

The role of Formal Training and Skill Development

The apparel industry is no longer an overly simplified and basic industry with limited options. Today the apparel industry is moving into a new era where professionalism goes hand in hand with a very systematic way of operating. The regularization of the industry has to lead to a very elaborate description of the basic qualification for people employed within this industry. This has led to a growing demand for individuals who are thoroughly trained or have skill development training.

In fact, the Ministry of Textiles of the Government of India has launched an ambitious scheme entitled “Integrated Skill Development Scheme for the Textile and Apparel sector including Jute and Handicrafts” to address the trained manpower needs of the Textile Industry and related segments. Several geographically located centers within the country have been identified for organizing the skill development programs in a mission mode. This has definitely been a byproduct of the E-Commerce boom that has played a huge role in getting Governments to reconsider the norms of employment and the overall effect that has on the economy. Training on all levels of the apparel industry in all department right from the managerial and technical, to the operator level has ensured that even existing employees in the apparel industry are upgrading their skills so as to improve productivity.

As technology and customer preferences continue to evolve, the e-Commerce world is adjusting with it. That’s reflected in the trends we’ll see in the industry next year.

COVID impact on Fashion Retail

  1. Ethical brands are disrupting the fast fashion economy
  2. Online shops are fighting high return rates with – reviews.
  3. AR shopping
  4. Voice search is on the rise
  5. Mobile is the new desktop
  6. Video is still on the rise
  7. Shoppable ads on social media
  8. Brands are reducing wait time with the help of chatbots
  9. Increased number of DTC brands
  10. Omnichannel experience
  11. Personalization
  12.  Ethical marketing
  13. Asian fashion brands are expanding to the west
  14. Covid19 crisis boosted fashion eCommerce usage

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “Every industry has been in the process of change and upgrades right from its inception. However, this change has been at a rather slow pace and not as impactful. In the case of the apparel industry, the E-Commerce boom has affected the way this industry functions in a very drastic and hard-hitting manner. That’s why the changes made within the industry are way more instant, drastic, and more impactful. After all, they say that only those who adapt easily survive.”

He further adds, “Every business reaches out to its consumers through Advertising and Marketing Strategies, which are key elements to achieve sales. A lot of money, time, and energy is spent to achieve success here. In this Digital-age, advertising platforms have become so diverse, that most of us are confused about which one to opt for. Sometimes we drain our resources by playing in all the directions. So, don’t make the mistake of casting bigger nets, try to be specific in your marketing methods, and let the science of astrology guide you.”

That is why “you should utilize Astrology to make marketing and advertising strategies for your business.”