Every year, thousands of young men and women aspire to join the entertainment industry for all kinds of jobs. While some are genuinely talented enough and know the level of work they want to do, others are quite happy to have careers in the film industry. We recently had a chat with the amazing Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah about the kind of jobs making an impact in the entertainment industry. Hirav Shah has been a close associate of many prominent stars, artists, producers, distributors, and businessmen in the entertainment industry.

Hirav Shah has also recently forayed into the world of films after proving his mettle in business, sports & politics. He has joined hands with Vivek Oberoi’s Oberoi Mega Entertainment, this is his first association with motion pictures. Mandira Entertainment and Vivek Oberoi, Co-Producers of Rosie: The Saffron Chapter, have officially inducted him into the Production for his unique insights and vision.

He believes that Astrology can give CERTAINTY OF SUCCESS in the Entertainment & Film Industry with a clear path of action. The Entertainment & Film industry is a billion-dollar enterprise and breaks its own records every year. Yet, there is no escaping the fact that it has numerous issues at its core. The enormous struggle and sweat of young talents and investors is a REALITY and many are seeking solace & guidance for their career and success in the Film industry.

Hirav Shah adds that while the entertainment industry globally is huge, the options are better when one looks in his or her own country. Over a lot of time, the number of jobs in the entertainment industry has increased to a large extent, and that’s why many people are looking to start their earning here.

Why people choose the entertainment industry for careers

Let’s admit it hands down that the music and film industry jobs are never going to dry up, and there will be no recession here. After all, even when a person is bored to death, he will watch a movie or listen to a song. Not to mention, the payments of most of the jobs are usually on the higher side, and you also have to keep in mind that money is good. If you can click in your own department, there is always a chance of name and fame that tags along with the kind of money you make. All of this is certainly quite easy to like and aim for!

Find the start

The main task for a musician or an actor is to find the right kind of acting and music industry internships, which is not easy as the competition is too huge. You have to make sure that your profile and talent reaches the right spot, which is only possible when you know people around. Most people of the young generation don’t have the money to hire agents who can find a job for them nor do they have the essential strength to search from one studio to another. Your start in the entertainment industry is what matters the most, and this is where some online portals are doing a great job.

Get online

Thankfully, some of the options on the internet bring in the most available chances for jobs, internships, and freelance positions. No matter whether you are a musician or want a job in modeling or acting, online search options come in too handy and offer you all the information you need. On the internet, you will find choices in line with the best names in business, and therefore, the offers are genuine and worth a try. While there are numerous agents who promise to get you a job, only a few do. That’s the reason you need to find an online portal that is authentic, easy to use, and has the most number of opportunities with them.

The entertainment and music industry is often too harsh and you would need to have a good amount of patience to succeed in your targets. However, knowing the chances and getting an option to apply is something that is needed for anyone with talent and skills.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “You might have the talent, performance, right look and magnificent plans for what you wish to achieve in show biz. But, somehow every time you tried, you felt there was something lacking and it did not work out. Well, not all situations can be dealt with in a circumscribed fashion. WITH THE RIGHT GUIDANCE, YOU CAN AIM FOR THE MOON AND SHINE WITH THE STARS!”

Get started today with a music or acting career for finding your niche. All The Best!