Individuals ought not “Think beyond practical boundaries” in the principal half of 2018 predominantly for Indian Stock market

As per Numerology, 2018 adds to 2+0+1+8=11=1+1=2 ruled by Moon,
the planet of dream, creativity, art. romance


We are in the 71st year of independence and will be entering in to the 72nd (7+2=9) year of independence on August 15, 2018. 71st year is adds to 8 and it represents Saturn. Its one of the slowest moving planet and it also shows extreme ups and down. Saturn also known for Karma, Test, Legal, right and wrong etc explains AstroStrategist Hirav Shah.

3, 6, 9 are favorable for India as India adds to number 3 and Bharat adds to number 6.

72nd (adds to 9) year and 2019(adds to 3) one of the fastest growing period for India.

Astro Predictions for Business and Economy

Home prices, Loan rates unlikely to fall in 2018

GST implementation will benefit Indian economy

Indian Stock Market

It seems that in first half of 2018, we may see an unexpected down fall in the stock market. But overall from second half of 2018, we can see “ACHCHE DIN” in Indian stock market.

39000 Sensex expected.

Pharma Sector, IT, Infrastructure development, Agriculture, Sports, Entertainment companies will rock this year.

Banking sector, Commodities, Oil and Gas, Automobile companies will face some negative impact.

People should not “DREAM BIG” in first half of 2018 for Indian stock market & should be very cautious in that period says AstroStrategist Hirav Shah.

Even around the world, its not right time to enter in the stock market. We may see huge volatility through out the year says Hirav Shah.