Cricket is one game that is religiously followed in India. Irrespective of the boundaries set by caste, culture, background, and the religion one belongs to, the game resides in the very heart of every Indian.
Naturally, cricketers are therefore huge stars in the country.

Now, amongst Batsmen and Bowlers, let’s figure out who are bigger stars !

Batsmen vs Bowlers

Since the advent of Cricket, Bowlers have always been its whipping boys. In a Country, where every kid growing up dreams of becoming a Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli, only a few would want to emulate Harbhajan Singh or Anil Kumble.

Again, only a few talk of India’s Most Impactful Test player and one of only two bowlers ever (the only other being Jim Laker of England in 1956) to have taken all ten wickets in a Test innings, taking 10 for 74 against Pakistan in the second Test played in Delhi in February 1999. Take a guess !
Yes, that’s Anil Kumble…

But, everyone would remember that the highest individual ODI score is 264 by Rohit Sharma !

It’s clear now that the craze in India has moved more towards the batsmen’s favour.
It is all the more normal to have Batsmen in India, who enjoy stardom more than the Bowlers.
When the audience only is inclined more towards the Batsmen, then who will stop them from becoming Country’s biggest stars. On that note, let’s find out the possible reasons for the same !!

Reasons For Batsmen’s Huge Stardom

  1. After the initiation of T20 cricket, the craze has turned out to be moving more towards the batsmen’s favour. Due to their huge shots, the madness, zeal and enthusiasm for batting has grown all the more. It is due to the fact that this game has become more of the batsman’s dimension.
    Although in the case of bowlers, the good among them will get maximum three or four wickets in a specified span of time.
  2. As the Indian team is well known for its incredible batting line-up, so most people consider batting as their interest as compared to bowling. Since the past format, the Indian cricket team always had maximum 5-6 best batsmen in the squad. As batting was considered as the strongest nerve, they never had 5–6 best bowlers in their squad.Since the initial phase, we have always been watching the ace hitters in our team like Sunil Gavaskar, G.Vishwanath, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, VVS Lakshman, Virendra Sehwag, MSD, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina and the list goes on and on. After looking at the bowlers’ list, we only had a few great bowlers like E. Prasanna, Kapil Dev(although he was an all-rounder ), Venkatesh Prasad, Anil Kumble, Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh etc.
  3. Bowlers’ glory can only be of a few moments (wickets, only a single ball to dismiss a hitter), although Batsmen get many moments like this (boundaries, fours and sixes). Therefore , for a bowler, a wicket is the only success. It doesn’t matter if you bowl well and miss the outside edge many times; If the batsman plays you out, he wins.
  4. A batsman can also pile up any number of runs, but a bowler can take a maximum of 10 wickets. Hardly fair in comparison, right !!


In a nutshell, In stardom, Batsmen outshine Bowlers in India though both are inseparable obviously.
Meanwhile, World Famous Astro-Strategist, Hirav Shah being a State and National Level Player in Volleyball and Chess himself, quotes
Bowlers are Indian Team ‘s most precious commodity. If India has ambitions of always holding the number 1 spot and dominating the game, it’s the bowling (and the conditions for bowling in India), it’ll have to first address. The batsmen will develop in reaction. Then, nobody can stop India.
India can become Unstoppable !!
This is Hirav Shah’s extremely valuable insights for Indian Cricket.
However, Shah adds, If we apply the same to our lives, that is if we want to be Unstoppable then the key is Having clarity on where we want to go and Guidelines on what are the chances of reaching there through Strategical, Moral and Astro Strategical support !!