We all are aware of the fact that a successful sports person use to enjoy celebrity like stardom and it brings lot of money as well. Due to this reason, several youngsters get attracted towards this field and look forward to make bright career as a successful sportsperson. However, it is even more important to attain success in this profession. In this aspect, astrology has important role. There are certain astrological factors such as placements of planets, strength of different houses and their position in horoscope that determines the career of a person.

For a sportsperson, some important houses are there that play significant role in making his career.  As per sports astrologer and astro strategist Shri Hirav Shah, astrology plays a significant role in helping a person get name and fame in sports. These are:

1st house: In any horoscope, the house that holds great significance is the 1st house since life path and self are represented by this house. The placement of lord of 1st house indicates that which life path is best to follow in order to get success.

3rd house: Interests and skills possessed by a person are represented by 3rd house. Be it any sports person, the role of an initial spark is played by the interest towards a particular game that helps the person to proceed in its way and get success.

5th house: For sports as a career the main house is 5th house. In case the 5th house is strong, it indicates that serious interest is there in sports field.

6th house: When it comes to competing with other and competition, this house is considered to be the most significant one. Victory of the native over the competitors is indicated when 6th house is strong in his horoscope.

8th house: This house represents the aspect of serving people in any way possible. Sportsperson represents his country and therefore can make the people of his nation feel proud by attaining victory.

10th house: Talking in terms of career and work, the main house is 10th house. The person can opt sports as his career in case 10th house is having connection with the above mentioned houses.

Significant signs:

Fire signs: There is high importance of all the fire signs in the case of sports person since energy is required in this field so as to defeat the competitors. For this purpose, the nature gets fire from these signs and this is the reason why fire signs are important.

Gemini: It represents skills possessed by the person. In order to become successful and stay on top, a sports person needs to improve his skills on continuous basis.

Along with this, some planets also have significant role in deciding whether a person can get success in sports field or not. These are Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Mercury and Saturn. As per the astro-strategist and sports astrologer Shri Hirav Shah, the person need to have support from these planets as well in order to excel in sports field and get the desired success. Sports field not just bring fame and money but also makes the person physically fit. This is the reason why most of the youngsters nowadays are getting attracted towards this field to make career in sports.

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