The law of attraction theory is not just for saying. If you actually focus on something, you will surely gain it by translating what is in your mind to reality. Certain symbols remind you of your objective and act as good luck signs too. Read on to know about some of them.


Having a coin in your pocket and imagining it to be a seed, which will lead to an increase in wealth is indeed quite effective. Looking at the coin in your wallet, pocket or purse can lead you to work hard towards your goal in life. For years, merchants have used this technique of visualizing or seeing to create something and have achieved success.


The Aztecs and the Mayans believed in a snake called the coatl, which is supposed to hold up wealth. As a business owner, its aspect of harboring both female and male energy may appeal to you. Simply imagine that you have the solid coil of the serpent before you and acknowledge its capability to reveal financial gain and a new awareness.


As per Vedic Sanskrit hymns, the elephant is described to be the only animal with a hand for both giving and receiving. Also, as an elephant-headed god, Ganesha is popular for being benevolent and bringing good luck to those who recognize its presence, besides getting rid of all obstacles on the way of his believers.

Hirav Shah has practised business astrology and has been an astro-strategist for years. He opines that when you focus on your target, you are bound to get it.

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