Pet culture which is widely popular in western countries is rapidly spreading its wings in our country also, says Hirav Shah.

As per study, the per population in India has crossed 10 million but among different kinds of pets, the attachment for a pet dog is more in our country.

Here come a few reasons why humans are more attractive to dogs.

1. Mutual beneficial relationship

If you adopt a dog pet, there will definitely be a chance of a mutually beneficial relationship, says Hirav Shah.

If we adopt a dog, it gets food, shelter and abundant love from our end and in return will get a good company, affection, dedication and most importantly loyalty from them.

It is like a win-win situation between both the parties and no other animal/pet on the planet showcases loyalty as much shown by dogs towards humans.

2. Ready to do any risk for us

Once dogs are treated as our family members, they will go to any extent to save us no matter what is the situation.

They rescue their owners even during dangerous situations and show their gratitude towards us. To protect us from strangers, dogs will even be ready to face hard circumstances.

For instance, if you are stuck in any panic situation at any remote areas, dogs will definitely do their part by barking to pass the signal to others.

3. Dogs love us unconditionally

Dogs are the sweetest and adorable pets because they express their unconditional love towards us in every possible way.

Dogs are innocent souls and they don’t judge humans once after they are connected. They don’t see care about anyone or anything and are with us life love with zero expectations.

Your dog doesn’t care if you do something harmful to anyone or lose your job because all that they know is to express pure love.

4. Dogs company is good for health

As per one of his studies, Astro and business strategist Hirav Shah found out that a person having a dog as the pet will be away from health issues because the company with a dog will keep his/her daily activities on a healthier note.

Hirav Shah also states that sleeping by cuddling a pet dog helps to prevent the risk of suffering from insomnia.

Going for a morning or evening walk/Jogging with a pet dog improves your health and makes fit.

5. Dogs helps us in your household work

If trained in a proper way, dogs help us in doing household works like picking up garbage from the kitchen, moving unwanted items to the storeroom and even killing rats and cockroaches in the cooking hall.

They help the humans in gardening work by pumping water to plants and tracking the insects in the garden area, says Hirav Shah.

Dogs even help wiping your car or vehicle after the watering process and protects the entire house premises by not allowing strangers to enter inside.

6. Dogs teach us life lessons

Hirav Shah believes that by sharing a close rapport with its owner, dogs give a clear cut idea on how being humans we should behave with our loved ones.

Their incredible behaviour and grounded nature with owners teaches us how to act accordingly when we are in a gathering.

To conclude, Hirav Shah feels that dogs are the best and intelligent pets for humans as they are helpful to us in various ways. Not that other pets are not useful or owner friendly but when it comes to loyalty dogs are way ahead compared to other animals.