While it’s true that the list of business opportunities does seem never-ending, only a few projects offer sure gains.

One of those businesses is a taxi service.

We recently talked to the most amazing and celebrated Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Mr. Hirav Shah about the future of the Taxi Business in India. Hirav Shah has created a niche for himself in various fields like the IT industry, Real Estate Sector, Entertainment industry, Politics, Gold and Diamond industry, and many more with his superlative business strategies mixed with the power of astrology to create business ideas which have enabled entrepreneurs all over the globe achieve miraculous results.

Hirav Shah tells us that the number of users in the ride-hailing and taxi market is increasing with every passing moment. The number of users is set to reach 1588 million by 2024. The taxi cab companies are making huge profits given this exponentially growing demand.

The main motto of any business is “Make huge profit with less investment.” The taxi business has proven to be the most efficient business module in this booming business-oriented world. But it is important that you promote your business in the right way.

In this digital arena, you can promote any business online i.e. you can discover and gain new customers with ease. Plan and start your Taxi Business with an efficient Business Strategy which will allow you to run your business profitably.

In this column, Hirav Shah discusses some simple but effective and working strategies to get more customers for your Taxi Business.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media is a great network to promote your Taxi Business. Here you’ll reach a new audience of people who don’t yet know you.

You can get more customers and increase your brand awareness. Your business may be boosted with Leads and Sales.
In 2019, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are popular platforms to promote your Taxi(any) Business and reach more audiences. Henceforth your existing customers can stay in update with you via Social Media.

Providing More Offers

In short, “who wouldn’t like offers”. Offers is one of the important strategies for your Taxi Business where most of the customers would get attracted and interested in your Business.

Think of how Uber changed the taxi industry. And you’ll come to know how it is possible in your Taxi Business?

Yes, it’s possible.

Providing a free ride and promo codes to new/existing customers would attract them to choose your Taxi Service and in turn increase more customers.

Reward Your Customers

Rewarding your customers means something like which you would offer some extra discounts or giveaways, in-turn that makes customers stay permanent with your Business.

In simple words, the more people they refer to other customers, the more free services and discounts they will enjoy. It also doubles your customers.

Increasing Fleets By Partnership

What is a Fleet?

A fleet is a group of vehicles owned or leased by a business.

Who are the fleet owners?

Fleet owners are often individuals that own multiple high-end cars or existing car services, who want to make money with vehicles that are not being driven.

Uber is a great example in the Fleet Partnership as many fleet owners kept in partnership with Uber which helped them to increase Revenue. With this, Uber has gained more fleets and customers.

So, increasing the partnership with fleet owners would also make your business the same uber as the taxi business.


SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a technique that is applied with the search engines to make your Product/Brand appear at the top of the search results.

With SEO, you can drive sales, leads & bring up more customers and for this, you need to own a website that describes your Taxi Business & Products.

Why does SEO matter?

It matters because if you are higher on a search(example: Google), then the more likely a customer would choose your website and book your Taxi Service.

Astro Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah concludes by saying that be aware of the happenings in and around your business. Have an eye on your competitors and also about the latest tech updates in your business. To be more specific – be aware, adapt, implement & conquer. Please note that standing ahead of the competition is not an easy task to achieve. Be patient, research, and plan to achieve heights in your business. When in doubt or even if not in doubt, use the powerful tool of astrology which will provide you with a massive certainty of success.