Bowling in cricket requires power and a lot of endurance. Not just that the skill and action of the bowlers are also equally vital and significant in the game. Traditionally, Bowling action has been defining bowlers and their action is often considered as a weapon known only to them, and nobody else.

In the game of cricket, the bowling action is the set of movements that result in the bowler releasing the ball in the direction of the batsman. If there’s one aspect of cricket that has changed significantly over time, then it probably surrounds bowling. From the early days of the game wherein under-arm bowling was the norm to the recent crackdown on illegal actions, bowlers have had to learn to adapt their trade to the situation at hand, Opines Hirav Shah, Sports Strategist and Astro-Guru.

Now, Famed Sports Astrologer and Sports Strategist Hirav Shah throws some light on the components, break-up and significance of bowling action in Cricket.


The Bowling action can be broken down into a number of parts:Grip,Approach, Bound (pre delivery stride), Delivery stride, Back foot contact, Front foot contact, Point of release and Follow through.
There are certain principles that apply to all parts of the bowling action, such as balance, athleticism and keeping the movement flowing in a narrow corridor directed towards the batsman.

Stage-Wise Break-Up A Bowling Action.

Stage 1: The Run-Up

The usual casual stride to gain momentum. The most orthodox start to any fast bowler’s run-up.For a spinner, the run-up is generally less.

Stage 2: The Momentum

Indian pacer Zaheer Khan portrayed the same with his run-up. A standard stride length after which he gained his momentum swiftly. Legendary spinner Muttiah Muralitharan’s run-up, by which he gained momentum, was also tricky and smart.

Stage 3: The Jump

This is poetry. A towering jump followed by a long follow through. The perfect ingredients for a sumptuous bowling action.

The best part of the jump? Bowler’s wrist position. A backward facing wrist position while the jump is taken so as to ensure that the batsman has no clue whatsoever as to which direction the ball would swing/move/spin.
India’s most successful off-spinner Harbhajan Singh’s famous jump was his weapon to put batsmen in dilemma.

Stage 4: The Landing

Landing perfectly on the correct foot to ensure minimal damage to the ankle is crucial. It is applicable to spinners, medium pacers and fast bowlers.Great Australian Medium Pacer Glenn McGrath has set an example for the world with his ‘perfect landing’ and due to this his bowling skills were perfectly channelised throughout his career.

Stage 5: The Follow-Through

The usual follow through again, but constantly watching the entire trajectory of the ball as it leaves the batsman.
How often do you see bowlers just remove their face off the ball for a moment after the delivery is bowled !
‘Follow-through’ is the last of the stages and the audience pretty much loves it.

Here’s Hirav Shah’s list of excellent bowling actions, in no particular order though.

Brett Lee: Nothing can match that jump and pace he extracted.

Zaheer Khan: The technique of hiding the ball from the batsman

James Anderson: Probably the best swing bowler of the modern day cricket

Shane Bond: Simple, fast and effective

Glenn McGrath: The Aussie was the smiling assassin, with a nothing more-than-ordinary action, but the ability to destroy batting line-ups.

Mitchell Starc: It’s impossible for any batsman to play attacking shots when the ball is being fired at you from a height of almost 8 feet

Stuart Broad: Again, an impressive action that isn’t too straining

Dale Steyn: Some have pace, some have swing. Steyn has both!

Mohammad Amir: The pace that the left-armer generates is quite impressive

Ravi Ashwin: Nothing extraordinary. A short walk-up towards the crease, a short pause and deliver. This simplicity in his action gives him the tenacity to bowl for longer spells, even in humid conditions of the subcontinent.

Ravindra Jadeja :A current slow left-arm orthodox Indian bowler, his action is not unique but its USP is that he sticks to basics.

Inference : Resorting to theatrics to amplify bowling skills showmanship and text-book technique or off-textbook like Shane Warne, Muttiah Muralitharan, Chaminda Vaas etc All of these are being displayed to put the batsmen in confusion and fear. Hence, the significance of bowling action in Cricket is evident and truly vital, Says Famed Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah

Final Thoughts

To sum it all, the whole thing is that Bowling Action is the most integral part of A Bowler’s Strategy in Cricket. And strategy only, shows the ‘way-forward’ for a Bowler to be successful in the game. Not only in this game, but also in the game of ‘life’ and ‘business’, Says Hirav Shah.

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