World Famous Business Astrologer & Astro strategist Mr. Hirav Shah has kind of revolutionized the world of business, politics, entertainment industry, real estate sector, gold and diamond industry, and many more with his unique business ideas combining them with the power of astrology. He recently had a talk with the emerging entrepreneurs where he elaborated on the benefits of having a solid Digital Marketing team to accelerate the growth of any business,

Hirav Shah says, “It is the real-life challenging digital world where you need to focus on your online business at maximum. Many ask me, why should you always opt for digital marketing services? The answer lies in the question itself.”

Hirav Shah adds, “The simple explanation is, the market is getting competitive every day, and you will face tremendous competition. You will compete with others as well. To stay ahead of the competitors, to outrun your competition, to achieve the top spot – you need the best digital marketing services.”

Eventually, it will give you more business and allow you to expand it online.

Shocking And Powerful Digital Marketing Stats

It is an overgrowing segment. Explore and get to know all the shocking facts and stats of 2020 digital marketing trends.

This year, opportunities have grown to a greater extent.

According to Hirav Shah,

  • It is 93% when all the online transactions take place via popular search engines like Google (mostly), Bing, Yahoo, and others.
    – Google, the most popular search engine, is experiencing more than 77,700 searches per second every day.
  • Today, 72% of digital marketers consider the content of sheer quality as the most significant SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy.
  • The 2018 email stats will shock the entire digital marketing world. It has been estimated that a total of 281 billion emails took place in conversation like sending and receiving every day. It’s monstrous!
  • The welcome email rate has gone higher. It is 82% on an average rate. The (%) percentage can be increased further with a successful email marketing campaign.
  • The email marketing percentage has increased on mobile devices as well. It is 49% when an average person opens the email on smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • The transactional rate of personalized emails is a large 6 times higher than the non-personalized ones.
  • If you go social, then you see 3.2 billion social media people every day.
    A total of 98% of sales representatives is trying to achieve their quotas via social selling.
  • Consider the average spending minutes on social media every day by an individual; it is 142 minutes.
  • The most significant advantage of social media marketing is that if you deliver beneficial services or products to the customers and if the customers like it, then they will recommend it to others for sure. It is 100% certain. That means, if you can make one sale happen and make a single satisfied customer, then your online business will grow via word of mouth.
  •  A considerable portion of a potential customer – 96% of them use a smartphone.
  • Detecting new brands and new products are fair habits of users. When it comes to identifying new products and new brands, 51% of users use their smartphones.
  • 88% of users don’t visit the website again and again where they have faced bad or not user-friendly experiences (UX/UI).
  • Today, more than half of all online purchases take place via mobile phones.

Going digital is the future.

Hirav Shah finally says, “it is highly recommended keeping your marketing strategy organic and meaningful”. Consider how your target market is behaving and how they may be impacted by this crisis. If you can communicate and connect with your users online in a meaningful way you will see the marketing value shine through well beyond this crisis.

We think organic social media interactions, and delivery of valuable, timely content can be the most cost-effective and strategic way to go about your marketing online.

Unfortunately, some industries may be more limited than others.

The most important thing to remember is that any effort you put into your digital now will continue to be valuable going forward.”

Hirav Shah concludes by saying that in life when you have CLARITY on where you want to go and Guidelines on what are the CHANCES of REACHING there, things get less confusing. Exponential growth can be achieved when you know your destination before you begin. Business Astrology is the only TOOL where you get to know things in advance before making any strategies or taking any massive action. And when you gain certainty, you can execute with more potential!