Are you an entrepreneur or you want to be an entrepreneur?

Well, when it comes to entrepreneurship. There are certain rules and regulations you need to follow for the same.

Though during your journey as an entrepreneur you learn everything from your own. You once fall and you get up again. So, you basically learn everything on your own. Recently the celebrated Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah shared his thoughts on what makes an entrepreneur successful and what is the secret mantra of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Hirav Shah says, “What it takes to become successful as an entrepreneur–and how I would even define the meaning of success. The two ideas became more intertwined in my thinking: success as an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial success.

The first thing I find I have to do is to dispel the persistent myth that entrepreneurial success is all about INNOVATION AND MARKETING. I’ve found that entrepreneurial success usually comes through great execution, simply by doing a superior job of doing the blocking and tackling.”

But what else does it take to succeed as an entrepreneur, and how should an entrepreneur define success?

He adds, “Still, there are certain things you can follow when it comes to becoming a successful entrepreneur. After failing a number of times the most successful entrepreneurs mentioned a number of things from their experience for the budding entrepreneurs to follow. And in this guide, we are going to discuss some of the things you need to follow in order to become a successful entrepreneur.”

So, let’s get started:


If you are doing work for 20 hours a day. Not taking care of everything but working. Well, this path does not guarantee your success until the point if you don’t do smart work. Today, the competition is very difficult. And doing smart work only guarantees your success.

When it comes to business, every entrepreneur must opt for smart work and not hard work which means you must be aware of everything around and the things that are necessary for driving business revenue.


Accept that there must be certain things you are not good at and even if you are good at everything. In your entrepreneurial journey, you cannot do everything on your own. So, for this, you need a smart team. Who are as dedicated to work and success as you. Having a smart team that is very determined to succeed is very much important for entrepreneurship.

5 Advisors can change your Business

  1. Chartered Accountant
  2. Business Lawyer
  3. Family Doctor
  4. Wealth Advisor
  5. Astro Strategist

Before keeping them in your team, make sure they should know your Goal, Current Situation, Why you want to achieve Goal, and How you want to achieve the Goal. Also, get to know the chances of reaching your Goal…


This is actually a mistake many by a number of people who are starting with their entrepreneurial journey. In the very beginning, hiring outsourced workers for your business is not a smart move. There are a number of cost-effective or free ways for you to market your business. So, you can utilize those for your business as well.

There’s something to remember, in entrepreneurship learning money management is very important. You cannot afford to spend money here and there every time. As if you do very soon you will land in trouble. So, learn how to spend money wisely.


A lot many times this is a fear found in a number of beginners. They are afraid to experiment because they are scared to fail. Without experimenting you will never know what is working for you and what’s not. So, how are you planning to succeed in your journey?

In entrepreneurship, never be afraid to fall because you will sooner or later. Everyone fails so you will as well. So, what you can do here is to learn from your mistakes and continue to march forward with positivity.


Hirav Shah says, “In the competitive landscape of entrepreneurship, you need to set yourself apart. It is important to carefully cultivate the skills you need to succeed when you are building a business. Sometimes entrepreneurs focus so much on developing business skills or technical skills or artistic skills that they forget to develop the five skills that we covered in this article. This is a mistake that could prevent you from being as successful as you can be.

Don’t limit yourself. Work on all of the skills we have just discussed. Develop them the way you would develop any other skill you need for your business. Will you lose out on the chance to be a successful entrepreneur, or will you cultivate the skills you need for success? Get started down the path to success today. All the best!”

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