The current pandemic is all about change, rather rapid change. Change like never before. Food consumption, and eating habits, especially are likely to be significantly impacted as a result of all the new concerns about hygiene, personal safety and social distancing. Similarly, restaurant trends have changed significantly keeping in mind the demands of healthy diets and safety concerns, ” says Celebrated Business Strategist, Consultant, Adviser and Business Astrologer™, Hirav Shah, whose answers have proven to be game changers for many sectors opines.

Hirav Shah pens down the major restaurant and food trends of 2020 here !


With the recent awareness on gut health created by dieticians, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals, there has been an increase in food rich in probiotics like yogurt, curd, vinegar, kombucha. These foods have been included in daily diets of people all over the world. With the demand and recent popularity, these foods are increasingly included in the menus of restaurants.

2.Healthy Alternatives of Wheat Flours

Wheat overconsumption is dangerous to health and this awareness has been constant over several years now. Overconsumption of wheat leads to health conditions like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and a lot more. People are finally getting the picture of how dangerously wheat consumption affects our health. Healthy alternative flours have been incorporated in daily diets and have gained popularity all over the world. Some of these flours include amarnath, nachni, bajra, cornflour,jowar and several others. These flours possess low glycemic index and are packed with other nutritional benefits. Chefs are now coming up with delicacies made with these flours instead of wheat flour. The demand is expected to only triple as more people are in search of healthy alternatives.

3.Non-Sugar Foods

Non- sugar foods are highly in demand as people get more conscious regarding healthy intake of food. When it comes to sugar, less is always better. Sugar foods have significantly dropped in demand as people want to adopt healthier lifestyles now. Instead of sugar, jaggery powder, brown sugar are now being included in daily diets.

4.Going Vegan

As more and more people are cutting down on meat consumption and shifting to vegan food, this trend will only increase from here onwards. As the awareness on the importance of healthy living continues to spread, more people are incorporating vegan meals. Store owners are now stocking up their shelves with more vegetables and greens . Restaurants have also started to include more vegan meals in their menu.

5.Going ‘Glocal’

Glocal (globally local) is the new wave. The times to come will witness use of many international ingredients in Indian dishes and many Indian spices/ingredients in international favourites, not just within the culinary boundary of India, but overseas as well. Restaurants are gradually including more and more ‘glocal’ recipes to their menus and the demand has been good so far.

6.Delivery and take-out is increasing

The restaurants have become more and more delivery and take-away friendly. Due to the current situation of pandemic, people have cut down dining out in restaurants and now prefer to order food online or take-away from the restaurants.

7.Experiential dining

It is becoming trendy and is here to stay. More and more chef led establishments with open interactive kitchens, customised food offerings are getting popular. The guests are getting more and more inquisitive to know the details or story behind the food and the reason why the chef has brought a particular item on the menu. This is a more creative and indulging approach by the chefs to keep the guests entertained and of course informed.


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