Countries worldwide are seeking ways to boost tourism in their respective regions in order to increase the influx of foreign revenue. Tourism is now a booming industry that is viewed as an expanding business opportunity. Tourism companies, organizations, and multinational hotel chains aim to invest in this industry either through their core business or by making use of a host of hybrid mechanisms, says Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

In this blog, Hirav Shah highlights some of the most useful methods to build tourism business opportunities through strategic and targeted philanthropy.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service is essential for the tourist industry as it promises customer satisfaction. The best way to achieve this is to focus on the internal business environment first. This implies that staff morale, training, and development will play a crucial role in determining service quality. Providing employees with personal development opportunities will ensure that they harbor positive opinions and emotions about their jobs and therefore will be more inclined to improve their service. The role of job satisfaction is highly dominant in the service sector. This means that companies not only need to tap into the work-related needs but also need to ascertain the impact of the business activities on the local communities. The tourism industry employs the largest number of locals who are aware of the business impact at the community level. By ensuring benefits and a sustainable future for the community, the business will be able to attract more motivated employees.

Offer Diversity

The key to maintaining a competitive edge over local and international competitors is by focusing more on diversity, better products, and unique options for customers. This may either be sourced from local sellers and manufacturers or may include diverse cultural experiences that are integrated into the entire package. Such a strategy is also helpful in improving the opportunities for the local communities who are able to relate to the business via mutual benefits.

Improve Financing

Some of the most renowned hotels obtain funding by ensuring complete adherence to environmental and social norms and regulations. Tourism companies will find that a sustainable business philosophy will attract multiple investors and improve access to various funds.

Government Collaboration

While boosting relations with local communities is an efficient way of enhancing the credibility of the business in any region, organizations that aim to improve their ties at the national level, particularly with the policymakers are able to find greater business opportunities. Government policies support groups that are able to support economic and social development in a region. Hence, tourism companies can benefit greatly from such opportunities by ensuring that they have a sustainable business strategy.

While there are plenty more ways through which businesses may expand, managing business opportunities and minimizing risks is only possible if companies are able to leverage their core competencies.

Advertising Your Tourism Business

The digital age has empowered us all, thanks to the near-instant access to information and the ease in which we can research our purchase decisions.

This digital technology, in turn, offers more opportunities than ever to market your tourism business enabling you to stand out and be considered.

Time and time again, yet, we hear from owners of tourism businesses that they are overwhelmed and frustrated. They rant that their tourism marketing tactics are not getting enough traction and they are missing out on business, valuable bookings, sales, and growth.

Hirav Shah suggests 10 ways to get creative and easily generate more brand awareness, website traffic, and sales.

1. Blogs, Blogs, and more Blogs!

2. Embrace Videos or Be Left Behind

3. Be seen and found on Social Media

4. Create an eBook or Guide

5. Don’t ignore Mobile Users

6. Ask for Referrals & Reviews

7. Let Your Customers Promote for You!

8. Milk the Media

9. Investigate Google Adwords & Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) advertising

10. Create a Tourism Marketing Plan

Is your creative brain now bursting with ideas?


Excellent! It’s time to get cracking on using these 10 ways to easily market your tourism business.

Because once you tick off all of these boxes, you’ll be miles ahead of your competitors.

And who doesn’t want unique, effective, and creative campaigns that connect with your consumers, sustain a competitive advantage for your brand, and most importantly…

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Generate more bookings, visits, sales, profits, business, and loyalty!