Today the world is filled with advanced communication medium and technology, yet sending across your message with what exactly you mean has become ineffective. This can be made right if we work on some traits like listening to consider, understand, and delivering correctly, etc says Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

Hirav Shah says, “The people of today usually blame the race of getting better and technology as the reasons for the loss of communication. It is, however, nothing but our own doing. We are no longer willing to read, listen, or watch to understand which has become the biggest problem. We only listen to reply.

No longer the words are allowed to reach the soul and perceived as they seem on the exterior. This is one of the primary reasons for people getting away from one another and getting reserved for themselves. The art of effective communication, for some reason, is simply lost from the younger generations maybe because most of the adults aren’t any better either. There is no one reason, therefore, to blame for the loss.

Loss of Effective Communication is Equivalent to Loss of Self

How are we losing effective communication in a world filled with connection and technology and connection? Now more remote countries and places can have smooth conversations and real-time linking like never before. Still, however, the most common grievance of people is that the other person just won’t even try to understand them.

Eventually, this bridge to an understanding shut down all the doors of the people, caging them in themselves. Causing everyone to lose their individuality, like robots, to the set standards of the world. We will look into the reasons leading to it to understand better the loss of self.

How Are We Losing Effective Communication?

The art of effectiveness must be restored before we are even unable to realize its loss. According to Hirav Shah, there are some factors to consider and work on to give rise to effective communication once again.

Do We Even Listen Anymore?

Think about the difference there is between listening to someone with the intent to respond only and listening to someone with the intent to understand them. Can you see the border separating them?

The first one looks like the person is automatically blocking off what the other person is saying while the latter one looks like someone is listening with the intent to understand what the person feels, mean through his/her said words.

To accomplish anything, therefore, we must understand, look into, and consider ideologies and ideas that differ from ours. This opening up can assist you to understand well, and urge others also to consider what you are saying. Initiating courtesy for listening to consider and understand is the way to accept the art of effective communication.

We are Lacking at Delivery

The method of delivering your message holds immense or at times more important than what you have to say. Elders yelling at the younger ones for mistakes lead them to block out the real meaning and only consider it as shouting. Conveying messages, however, regarding what and how to correct in the correct manner can help them to understand and rectify their mistakes. Teaching and learning, therefore, the ‘how’ part is crucial else, the ‘what’ part becomes a waste.

The next thing to consider in the delivery is when the words need to be communicated. It is important to concentrate on passing the message with consideration of when to convey it to ensure if it reaches the target audience or not. Continuing with the above example, if the parent explains to the kid after giving him some time to ponder over the mistake will help him understand better. If the parent, whereas, starts to scream at that very moment, the child won’t be able to understand his/her mistake or will be able to comprehend how to rectify it.

Hirav Shah says, “Indeed, the loss of effective communication is a product of a failure to listen accom

Regaining The Art of Effective Communication

panied by a failure of delivery. For most of us, communicating more effectively and clearly requires learning some important skills. Whether you’re trying to improve communication with your kids, spouse, coworkers, or boss, learning these skills can deepen your connections to others, build greater respect and trust, and improve problem-solving, teamwork, and overall emotional and social health.”