How to operate your own selling/ business account on Instagram to promote products or services. 

Step one: 

Login to your account and tap the top right button of your dashboard. 

Step Two:

Click on the settings button at the bottom towards the right

Step Three: 

Scroll down and Switch to Business Profile.

That’s it, you can now start operating your Business account which is transferred from Personal Account to Professional account. The enter conversion process from the personal account to a business account will hardly take five to ten minutes for new users. The above content will be useful as a documentation file for the process. 

After switching the account to Business Profile, you have to add some Insights to make your account visible to everyone.

Moreover, there will be no shortage of useful data on Instagram. So that your business profile gets accessibility to all the users. 

Under the Activity tab, you can see profile visits, website clicks, reach and impressions. 

The user can track the locations, gender of your followers, ages and their active status with which we can promote our product is an even better way. 

In order to get in contact with people and visitors to call you, email or get information regarding your business, one can simply click on the CTA button which is available under your bio. 

When it comes to story links, Instagram allows only one website link for each bio. Adding to it, giving the option to add more website links to Insta stories, it directs the page visitors to foresee various products and landing pages on your website which is added in the bio. 

As Instagram stories are easily visible, they are going to be a huge plus to promote your products. Instagram stories majorly have a quick glimpse by the users which indeed help for a variety of products to be displayed at a single time.  

Instagram has a special option of getting alignment with your business Facebook page and kick-start running ads through Ads Manager. If needed you can merge your both Facebook and Instagram business accounts and use them as a single platform for the convenience of the users and get quick and clarified results. 

Yet another way to promote your products and get a wider reach to them is by using proper hashtags. Hashtags are the biggest source to promote your products in an organic way with Instagram campaigns. 

By having in-depth research on what kind of hashtags we should use on the Instagram page, one can easily reach a wider audience. 

Yet another advantage of the Instagram business account is that you can run Instagram ads with a low-budget. 

For paid promotions, you need to pay very less compared to the investment on Facebook and Twitter. For instance, spending $100 on an Instagram ad will have a reach to 10,000 people. It means that the reach of your product is going to be ten times to the investment in the campaigns and Instagram ads. 

Lastly, selling on Instagram is all about having an idea on profit-loss statements and continuing an approach towards the customers through Instagram sales portal. 

In an overview, business strategist Hirav Shah suggests the small and medium enterprises make use of the Instagram business account to reach a wide range of people in very less time by investing an affordable amount.