More than seven months have passed since the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic. Hundreds of millions of people have lived through lockdowns. Many have made the abrupt shift to working from home; millions have lost jobs. COVID-19 has impacted all industries, also the food and beverage industry like never before. Restaurants are struggling to get back to their feet by gradually adapting to the new normal.
On that note, famed Astro-Strategist and India’s top influencer and adviser in the fields of Real Estate, Sports, Entertainment, Corporate Business, Politics, Tourism and Hospitality, Hirav Shah says
There are ways by which restaurants and food outlets can align their operations to the new normal and adapt to new strategies to secure a strong comeback.
The following new and innovative initiatives can make restaurants and outlets ‘Safe To Eat’ again, while attributing utmost importance to social distancing and hygiene.

Robot experience

Since the onset of COVID-19, the hospitality industry has taken a backseat. With hotels and restaurants opening up, deployment of non-human devices is the need of the hour, says Hirav Shah
Shah Adds, From cleaning the floor to serving at restaurants and greeting at hotels, these little technological wonders (robots) can be the “new normal” for maintaining proper social distancing, hygiene and constant monitoring.
Looks like Robotics can indeed come to the rescue of numerous restaurant owners now, across the country.

Drive-in and drive-through restaurants

Hirav Shah says, Restaurants and food outlets can immediately adapt to ‘Drive-in and Drive-through’ services. This is meant for customers, who are always anxious about social distancing within the restaurants. For them, if they get to dine, from within the comfort of their own vehicle, then they are happy and return back, as happy customers. And most happy customers are returning customers !!

Virtual Kitchen Concept

The virtual-kitchen concept relies heavily on increased customer comfort with smartphone and cellphone ordering, as well as third-party food-delivery services . Other technological features include a conveyor belt that brings orders from each kitchen to the counter area.
But the virtual kitchen approach also is about flexibility and greater customer choice.
Virtual restaurants are already here and this should become more and more common now, Hirav Shah asserts.
Shah adds, The incorporation of virtual kitchen concept across the Country, can help eateries lower costs such as rent and ease other barriers to entry like ‘needing to find a trendy locale’.

Tips For Maintaining Utmost Hygiene and Cleanliness

Celebrated Astro-Strategist, Hirav Shah is of the opinion that- For maintaining utmost hygiene, cleanliness and disinfection, Outlets, canteens, restaurants and eateries can use graphene-based nano disinfection treatment, which assures anti-viral and anti-bacterial protection to its customers and staff. All surfaces of the entire restaurant including the floors, walls, kitchen cutlery, the counters, food service areas, toilets, lounge bar, smoking zones, and the security area can be disinfected on a daily basis.
There are other options too like
(a) Using UV sterilized cutlery wrapped in paper, before serving food and
(b) installing plexiglass barriers, following the social distancing norms while serving clean and hygienic food to customers.

Incorporation Of A Complete Contactless System

All over the country, a complete contactless, self-ordering and self-payment system is ‘need of the hour’.
It will improve efficiency and guest experience, while increasing revenue, Hirav Shah says


All in all, we see a ray of hope, but there is still uncertainty in the minds of owners of restaurants, food outlets and eateries. All of them are worried since the future looks uncertain. They don’t know when, or if, our societies might return to normal – or what kind of scars the pandemic will leave.
But, hang in there !! There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Astrology is the only tool that can provide you the certainty of ‘results of your actions’ in advance. And that is how, you gain the confidence of execution. You undertake massive actions with the certainty of success, concludes Hirav Shah