The Agriculture sector & Farmers Of Our Country Will See A Better Tomorrow in 2021

If we penned a list of last year’s pros and cons, it’s safe to say the cons would outweigh the pros. The truth is, wherever you are in the world, 2020 was likely a challenging time for you and everyone you care about.

Analysis Of India’s agriculture sector

● Jupiter, Moon and Saturn play an important role for Agriculture Industry and Farming.
● It is estimated that India’s agriculture sector accounts only for around 14 percent of the country’s GDP but for 42 percent of total employment.
● As around 55 percent of India’s arable land depends on precipitation, the amount of rainfall during the monsoon season is very important for economic activity.
● Approximately 70 percent of the rural households still depend primarily on agriculture, with close to 80 percent of farmers being small and marginal.
● We are in the 74th year of Independence and will be and will be entering into the 75th year on August 15, 2021.The 75th year adds to 12=1+2=3 and it represents Jupiter. Bharat adds to number 6 and India adds to number 3, 2021 adds to number 5.
● Even though the recent COVID-19 pandemic has posed challenges for most sectors of the Indian economy, agriculture and allied activities demonstrated extraordinary resilience.
● However, adherence to a traditional approach and unscientific farming methods still loom large over the agricultural space.
● The budget, thus, is a window for the policymakers to actively identify and balance volumetric targets with sustainability while moving up the value chain to enhance farmer and national income.
● “On December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn met in Aquarius and they’ll remain in this sign for the majority of the year 2021.
● Aquarius is a sign associated with an abrupt change, forming communities, fighting for causes that you care about, and making technological advances,” explains Business Strategist Hirav Shah.
● And if you notice farmers started the movement of forcing governments to take back 3 laws around November end.

 Expecting some major changes and developments for the Farming and Agriculture Industry. So here are some Astro Predictions.

1. Expecting Interest subsidy on agriculture credit for long-term loans

To help farmers with long-term investment on equipment, irrigation, or infrastructure creation related to farming, rather than focusing on recurring expenditure, such as weeding, harvesting, sorting, and transporting.
Mercury and Mars play major roles in connecting money, subsidy with Agriculture. Jupiter also plays an important role in making availability of subsidy and loans.

2. Expecting Crop insurance in 2021 and coming years

To help farmers mitigate the challenges posed by the frequent climatic changes and unpredictable weather; low levels of coverage currently can be attributed to low awareness levels amongst farmers; and higher allocation can bring a large section of farmers under the ambit of this scheme and enable adequate coverage.

The Moon is the key planet for Crop and Jupiter Plays a major role for insurance. Now combination of Moon and Jupiter – Gaj Kesari Yog expecting for Farmers in the second half of 2021.

3. Expecting Protest turnaround in to the new revolution in farming industry

“Within the span of a single year, multiple major planets were forming rare alignments that hadn’t been experienced in years.” This was the much-talked-about Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which was last seen in 1982, during which time one million people descended upon New York to protest the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
In India protests have already started by the farmers but that’s for their benefits and to create certainty. And this protest will bring lots of new challenges as well as lots of opportunities for farmers and the full agricultural sector.

4. Expecting Irrigation and new technologies in 2021 for agriculture

To help, address the issues related to availability of water and incentivise adoption of drip irrigation.

Watery Zodiac signs like Cancer and Pisces are the ruler of Moon and Jupiter respectively and both planets again can play a major role in making irrigation more stronger and the effect of Mars with Jupiter can give a huge technological boost to the agriculture sector.

5. Expecting new scheme on vertical farming from government

Given the scarcity of land, support can be designed for promotional campaigns and incentives on investments such as new equipment, systems, and allied infrastructure.

This can be a game changer for the farming industry.

6. Expecting huge funding on research and development from the government for the Agriculture sector.

Given India’s significant dependence on imports of major commodities (such as vegetable oils and pulses), enhancing the domestic production of these commodities is important and additional funds might be allocated for this purpose.
It is important to note that livestock farming is one of the key pillars for augmenting farmers’ income through non-farm related activities. While the sector has immense potential, one of the big impediments for development is the prevalence of various diseases that affect mortality, productivity, and overall production.
Supply of vaccines is not adequate to address the increasing demand. Funding by the Government on research and development needs to be increased on priority.
According to Hirav Shah, this activity between Jupiter and Saturn is the start of something momentous. “These two celestial bodies align every 20 years, but what makes this upcoming ‘great conjunction’ extra special is that it marks the beginning of a new 200-year cycle,”
he explains “Since the early 1800s, Jupiter and Saturn have been uniting in earth signs and, prior to that, fire and water, respectively. In fact, it’s been about 800 years since the last ‘age of air’, so we’ll begin to observe major shifts on a large-scale level for the farming and agriculture industry.

7. Indian economy will recover strongly and bounce back with 8.8% growth and will regain its position as the fastest growing economy mainly post August 15, 2021.

It has been heartening to note the Government’s attempt to change the crisis into an opportunity by taking a step towards the long-pending reforms in the agriculture sector. Going forward, adoption of technology at various levels of the chain and creation of Agri Council in line with GST Council for an integrated approach between Centre, State and all concerned ministries will be helpful.

8. The government will continue to display a strong commitment towards making Indian agriculture more competitive.

9. Positive Reforms for ‘future and farming’ will be kept in mind, so that neither farmers nor agro-based industries will be left in any sort of dilemma or uncertainty. This should just be the beginning.

Hopefully, the entire agricultural system will be remodelled to serve the farming community.


In a nutshell, to uplift farmers and the related businesses, the Government’s policies will cater to everything that our farmers have to face, being a part of this unorganised sector called Agriculture, which apparently is the Backbone and Lifeline of Indian Economy.