In Soccer, do you think every goal-scored depends on the proficiency of the player.
No and a Big No !
Why is that, when the player and the goal- keeper are the same, yet in some weeks goals are scored, whereas in other weeks, they are not !
Well, World Famous and Influential Astro-Strategist, Hirav Shah being a State and National Level Player in Volleyball and Chess himself, has an answer to it and he says,

The word LUCK seems to imply that the goals are 100% luck rather than some skill and some luck. Not that, the player involved isn’t skilled or that he hadn’t worked hard to reach his level of proficiency. But rather there is an element of randomness about that shot. Some weeks it will go over, some it won’t.
Shah Quotes, When Capability is fuelled by LUCK, Then VICTORY becomes Easier,
When Potential is powered by ASTROLOGY and STRATEGY put together , VICTORY becomes CERTAIN

Well when we talk of Soccer and Victory, how can we forget Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, fondly called Neymar.
Let’s talk about the sensational ‘Neymar’.

Neymar and His Backstory

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is one of the most talented and greatest soccer players in the world. He grew up to be a very energetic kid. But unfortunately, his family was poverty-stricken . They couldn’t even afford electricity. He was born in Sao Paolo and lived in a terrible neighborhood. As a child, Neymar attended one of the worst schools and when he came home after a long day, he had to study and do his homework under a candlelight in his little house.

Neymar’s Meteoric Rise

But Neymar’s talent for football didn’t go unnoticed. By the age of 11, he became one of the best street footballers in his hometown. And soon he progressed from playing football on the streets, to playing on a football field. When he was 14, he turned down a move to Real Madrid to stay with his family. Neymar played for Santos until 2013, When he was signed by Barcelona FC for $57 million, where he had the amazing opportunity to play alongside Lionel Messi. And 4 years later, he was signed by PSG for a record transfer fee of $263 million, smashing the record for most expensive football transfer, so this poor boy became ‘The most expensive football player in History’.
Now, this essentially means Neymar had the potential to earn more and more right !
So, why would he earn any less?


Meanwhile, Celebrated Astro-Strategist cum Sports -Astrologer Hirav Shah who has carved a special place for himself in the fields of Corporate Businesses, Politics, Sports, Entertainment industry, Tourism and Hospitality, Real Estate sector and many other areas, with his business insights and command over astrology quotes, Why earn less, when you have the potential to earn more?
Now, you may wonder as to how to go about and earn more, using your talent, hard-work, smart-work and resources, now, in such confusing, pathetic and trying times !
Well, the answer to this is SPORTS ASTROLOGY.
In a High Powered & Cut-Throat Competitive Industry,
SPORTS ASTROLOGY can put you at the Top, says Shah

Shah further adds,
If You are a Sports Person Wanting To Perform To Your Capabilities & Ace,