The story of 21st-century wealth is the story of Reliance. And steering it all is a humble person of an unassuming disposition – The Mukesh Ambani.

Mukesh Ambani Birth Date

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani (born 19 April 1957), currently in his 64th year, is an Indian billionaire businessman, and the chairman, managing director, and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL), a Fortune Global 500 company and India’s most valuable company by market value. He is the richest person in Asia with a net worth of US$ 83.1 billion and the 10th richest in the world.

Zodiac Sign

Mukesh Ambani comes under the Aries zodiac and has gained the maximum amount of profits in 2020, in India – Says Hirav Shah, Celebrated Business Astrologer.

Birth Details

Credit for his unbelievable success that he must have gotten from birth, goes to him alone- Says Hirav Shah, India’s Top Most Business Astrologer Cum Astro-Business Strategist.

  • Name: Mukesh Ambani
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 19 April 1957 Friday
  • Time of Birth (Hr.Min.Sec) : 07:53:00 PM Standard Time
  • Time Zone (Hrs.Mins):05:30 East of Greenwich
  • Place of Birth: Aden
  • Longitude&Latitude (Deg.Mins):45.00 East, 12.46 North
  • Ayanamsa: Chitra Paksha = 23 Deg. 15Min. 51 Sec.
  • Birth Star – Star Pada (Quarter): Moola – 4
  • Birth Rasi – Rasi Lord: Dhanu-Guru
Early Life

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani was born in the British Crown colony of Aden (present-day Yemen) to Dhirubhai Ambani and Kokilaben Ambani. He has a younger brother Anil Ambani and two sisters, Nina Bhadrashyam Kothari and Dipti Dattaraj Salgaonkar.

Ambani lived only briefly in Yemen, because his father decided to move back to India in 1958 to start a trading business that focused on spices and textiles. The latter was originally named “Vimal” but later changed to “Only Vimal.” His family lived in a modest two-bedroom apartment in Bhuleshwar, Mumbai until the 1970s. The family’s financial status slightly improved when they moved to India but Ambani still lived in a communal society, used public transportation, and never received an allowance.

But today, he is among the richest men on the planet, the richest man in Asia and India. Mukesh Ambani took the helm of Reliance Industries Limited and Indian petrochemicals Corporation during the split of his father’s business empire. Rapid growth and expansion of the Reliance Industries turned into a phenomenal success. The next success is even massive. Launch of 4G broadband services and the Jio network elevated his success to an unimaginable extent. Refining, oil and gas industries, IPL business, telecommunication, and whatnot ? The meteoritic rise of Mukesh Ambani served him with all accolades and honorary awards.


In 1981 he started to help his father Dhirubhai Ambani run their family business, Reliance Industries Limited. By this time, it had already expanded so that it also dealt in refining and petrochemicals. The business also included products and services in retail and telecommunications industries. Reliance Retail Ltd., another subsidiary, is also the largest retailer in India. Reliance’s Jio has earned a top-five spot in the country’s telecommunication services since its public launch on 5 September 2016.

As of 2016, Ambani was ranked 36 and has consistently held the title of India’s richest person on Forbes magazine’s list for the past ten years. He is the only Indian businessman on Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful people. As of October 2020, Mukesh Ambani was ranked by Forbes as the 6th-wealthiest person in the world. He surpassed Jack Ma, executive chairman of Alibaba Group, to become Asia’s richest person with a net worth of $44.3 billion in July 2018. He is also the wealthiest person in the world outside North America and Europe. As of 2015, Ambani ranked fifth among India’s philanthropists, according to China’s Hurun Research Institute. He was appointed as a Director of Bank of America and became the first non-American to be on its board.

Through Reliance, he also owns the Indian Premier League franchise Mumbai Indians and is the founder of Indian Super League, a football league in India. In 2012, Forbes named him one of the richest sports owners in the world. He resides at the Antilia Building, one of the world’s most expensive private residences with its value reaching $1 billion.

In 2020, Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, remained the wealthiest Indian for the 13th consecutive year on Forbes India list.

In a tumultuous year for the global economy, India’s richest preserved their wealth. Mukesh Ambani remains the wealthiest Indian for the 13th year in a row, adding $37.3 billion to his net worth,” – Says Hirav Shah.

Mukesh Ambani Horoscope

Well, What makes him a legend and a business magnet in the Indian Industry?

What makes him so lucky?

Whatever Mukesh Ambani touches, turns into Gold?

Why ???

Well, it is due to the 6th house in his horoscope.

1. Trinity Of Wealth

The 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses are grouped as the Earth Houses and together referred to as THE TRINITY OF WEALTH. These houses (2, 6 and 10) are mainly responsible for the extent of material success in one’s horoscope.

2. 2nd House Influence

2nd house influences accumulation of money (bank balance) and other immovable assets such as properties, houses, jewelry and various other acquisitions. 10th house rules profession and indicates the extent of success in terms of professional/business accomplishments, name and fame etc.

3. Significance of 6th House

Significance of the 6th house is that it helps one win over competitors and indicates victory over enemies. What does victory over enemies mean for an ambitious business magnate such as Mukesh?

In Kaliyug, one person’s loss is another’s gain. If Coke loses customers it is to Pepsi’s gain. Now on the corporate battleground with no visible bloodshed, the winner takes it all- whether it is a larger market share or lucrative national/global infrastructure contracts. The blessings from 6th house become obvious and mandatory in this regard. A global corporation, or one aspiring to be, will have global competitors; there would be a lot of bad blood, many hurdles; litigation needs to be addressed. One needs to be in the good books of those in power; strings need to be pulled, and ‘friends’ in high-places cultivated.

One has to navigate through much opposition and obstacles to finally be victorious. It isn’t surprising that the 6th house also indicates strenuous labor and hard work. CEOs of multinationals work 19 hours a day on an average, and upon their demise are often called a KarmaYogi. Well, money can acquire any kind of title.

Therefore an exceptionally strong 6th house lends the exceptional support for one to forge ahead and vanquish the competition to eventually manifest the assets and gains indicated by the 2nd and 11th houses. Such behind-the-scenes battles are being played out frequently in corporate battlegrounds; a few become very visible such as between Mukesh Ambani and his billionaire younger brother Anil Ambani.

Thus the 6th house has to play a significant role when we talk about exceptional material gains.

Influence of 6th house in Mukesh Ambani’s horoscope

Stellar astrology rule: When the majority of the planets are connected with the Trinity of Wealth houses i.e. 2, 6 and 10 in one’s horoscope, he/she is bound to be very successful in life.

  • Sun is in 6th house in the star of Ketu who also occupies the 6th house.
  • Moon is in the 2nd house in the star of Ketu who occupies the 6th house.
  • Mars is in his own star on 7th but owns the 6th house.
  • Mercury is in the 6th house in the star of Venus who is also in 6th.
  • Jupiter is in the star of Sun who occupies 6th.
  • Venus is in the 6th house in the star of Ketu who occupies the same house.
  • Saturn is in the star of Mercury who occupies 6th.
  • Ketu is the star of the Sun on the 6th.
  • Rahu is in the star of Jupiter who occupies 10th.

More noticeable combinations

  • The 9th house indicates father. The 10th house from 9th indicates the profession of the father. And what is that house? It is again the 6th house. This shows a business that has been inherited.
  • We have seen how the majority of the planets are connected to the 6th house in Mukesh Ambani’s horoscope. Now, it is true that he inherited a well-established corporate empire from his father the Late Dhirubhai Ambani. But it is not easy to manage such a vast corporate empire and ensure that it grows from strength to strength. One has to be born with excellent understanding of the intricacies of running such a huge corporation.
  • In Mukesh’s chart Moon gives the required native intelligence to handle this challenge. The Moon that rules the mind and provides the natural orientation for one to excel in a field is placed in the 2nd house of his chart. Moon in 2nd house rules over finance/bank/wealth etc. gives a natural flair and aptitude for business administration. One would be born with that kind of ability.

Final Thoughts

With luck, timing and favourable planetary positions on his side to vision, clarity and a very good team on his side – Ambani doesn’t want to retire, before he’s succeeded in turning Reliance into one of the world’s most valuable companies.

In a nutshell, Ambani will be able to create “not just a telecom player, but a serious tech player with a global footprint in a few years.”- Predicts Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.