Early Life

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad was born in a Maratha family in Mysore on 12th December, 1950. This ordinary boy was named after a legendary Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji.
He lost his mother when he was just nine. His brother enrolled him at Ramakrishna Math, where he learnt about The Vedas, Indian History and traditions. He used to enjoy watching films, soon his interest grew into acting. He was quite good at studies and sports as well.
Then he got admitted to Acharya Pathasala where he avidly participated in theatre and plays. During school, he had already decided to make his career in acting.

As per Numerology he is number 3(12=1+2=3) and is ruled by Jupiter. Number 3 people are very spiritual, co-operative, ambitious and self committed, says Astro Strategist and Movie Astrologer Hirav Shah.


Rajinikanth Felicitates Writer Kalaignanam

Shivaji was clear in his mind that he wanted to be an actor. Post school , his father got retired from his job. To support his family, he took up many odd jobs, as that of a porter, carpenter and finally a bus conductor in Bangalore Transport Service. He was quite famous among passengers because of his distinctive style of whistling and issuing tickets. After work, he used to act in local plays to hone his acting skills.
Despite his poor financial status , he never lost hope. He worked really hard and was a brave soul. He was smart and talented, obviously . Because of his unquenchable thirst for acting, he finally in 1973, decided to quit his job and take admission in Madras Film institute. His family never approved of his decision to join the Film Institute but Shivaji was hell-bent and luckily he was aided financially, by a fellow bus driver. Finally, Shivaji joined the Film Institute, where he met the famous film-maker Balachander.

Birth Of Rajinikanth


Balachander had read a script called Apoorva Raagangal (Rare Melodies), and he thought, why shouldn’t he give a part to Shivaji? He told Shivaji,
‘It’s a small but interesting part. You must do it. I have decided. But you need to learn Tamil.’

Shivaji agreed instantly and touched his feet.

Shivaji returned to Bangalore and told his brother and Raja Badhar, his best friend, about his stroke of good fortune.

Lady Luck, in the form of K Balachander, had smiled upon him, with the caveat that he learned Tamil.
‘He learnt the language very fast, in 20 days flat,’ says Badhar.
But first, the business of his name had to be taken care of. There could be only one ‘Sivaji’ in the south Indian film industry and that was the senior actor Sivaji Ganesan.
K Balachander did not cast for long, for a screen name for Shivaji ; he chose a character name from his own film, Major Chandrakanth. A V M Rajan had played a character named Rajinikanth in the film, and Balachander christened Shivaji Rao with this name.
And thus was born Rajinikanth, soon to be a household name.
Success Story
In 1977, Rajinikanth played a positive lead character in the movie ‘ Bhuvana Oru Kelvi Kuri’ which was a huge hit at the box office. The film’s success paved the way for Rajinikanth, the opportunity to do more hero oriented films. By the end of 1980, he became a well known actor of Tamil industry.
With time, he acted in various languages like Kannada, Telugu and Hindi apart from Tamil. In 1995, his films started getting popularity all over India because of his charismatic screen presence and style. His style, his demeanour, his acting and him as a person in real life, won over the hearts of countless people in due time. He was and is still known as the ‘God Of Style’.

So now we know that, despite all the obstacles he faced in the beginning, due to his poor financial status and family’s disapproval towards his career, he proved that the Right Combination of Hard Work, Smart Work, Talent and Luck Can Make One Tremendously Successful.
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Rightfully so, and Rajinikanth is such a huge testimony to what Shah says.

Unstoppable Rajinikanth

In 2010, Forbes named him most influential person of India. He also received an award of Excellence of the Decade by NDTV in the same year. He also received numerous Filmfare awards.
In 2013, NDTV named him among 25 “Greatest Global living legends”.
He was also named by Asiaweek as the most influential personality of South Asia.

Rajinikanth received Padama Bhushan and Padama Vibhushan from the government of India in 2000 and 2016 respectively.

As they say, Luck Favours the Brave. And Rajinikanth was indeed very brave.
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