“The four major aspects of the Hospitality Industry are quality, service, culture, and brand. And hence, the industry focuses heavily on creating unique experiences and relationships with their patrons. And this is the reason, marketing is such a vital tool for the industry.”- Opines Hirav Shah.


Hospitality marketing isn’t only including tangible products, such as room accommodation, tickets, food and beverages, but also intangible items. These intangible items such as creating a luxurious, fun, exciting, or relaxing atmosphere. Hospitality marketing is as much about selling products to consumers as it is creating a complete experience that will keep visitors coming back all over again. With thorough research, hospitality marketers could employ a variety of strategies that will boost awareness of their brand and encourage customer engagement, with goal of building long life relationships.

Hospitality industry comprises mainly hotels, restaurants, casinos, resorts, cafes, clubs, theaters, and any other entity that provides an experience of sorts through its many services. These services form the base of their marketing strategies as to what sets them apart from their competitors and make them truly unique. Based on the service offerings, the target audience also differs consistently. A frequent flyer who has been putting up in a 5-star resort might not be comfortable switching over to a new resort whereas someone who’s a foodie might be reluctant to try out new places until they find a new favorite spot.

So, below mentioned are the Most Effective Ways of Hospitality Marketing, as suggested by Hirav Shah.

1.Influencer Marketing

As said the word-of -mouth works as the best source of leads or business where customers are always treated as the “king”. Depending on the type of influencers you may target various sorts of target audience, as influencers will have different follower base and demographics of target audience.

2.Social Marketing

This covers most of the social channels, however Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc are highly recommended ; as these provide better and more options to highlight varied type of Posts, Recipes, Hospitality showcases, Customer Shoutouts, Campaigns like Challenges, etc. which could further be incentivised.

3.Online Reputation Building

Creating presence of your Brand, Venues, types of hospitality will give definitive increment in your audience footfalls. This type of marketing covers different Blogs, Products/service listing websites, Business listing websites, etc.

4.Marketing Of The USP

If you’re a new player on the block, you can only attract new audiences to your venue if you make them realize how your USP’s are better than their current choice. The frequent flyer needs a convincing factor to make the switch to your brand and so does the foodie. This is the reason why marketing is important for the hospitality industry. Making your brand stand out on the block takes a unique, well-structured marketing approach to make your hospitality business a money minting machine.


Hospitality Industry’s most Influential Astrologer, Hirav Shah Asserts- The Arrival of vaccines have helped in boosting the business sentiments for the sector as a whole, and the business will further grow and prosper in the upcoming months.
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