It is well-known that man used to work so hard during stone age days without any support and proper facilities at his workspace. All-day is used to walk barefoot and used to utilise the only the then transport system bullock cart for travelling and the cultivation of lands.

But eventually, the times have changed and a major reform in the form of machine revolution came as a saving grace to the man, says business strategist Hirav Shah.

With the emergence of science and technology in the early 20th century, the industrial revolution came across the world and various kinds of machinery came into existence to rescue man in many ways.

The vast and wide range launch of automatic machinery has brought relaxation and rest to man and with this industrial development, a lot of time and energy of man has been saved.

While long distances are being covered in less time by the high-end transport facilities like a train, bus, car, bicycle and motorcycle, slowly the amount of manpower in cultivation and production factories reduced to half of the total.

Hirav Shah opinions that with the invention of different types of entertainment equipment like the radio, cinema, transistors, television, the world of man changed completely and became worth-living.

Adding to the entertainment, the major revolution in science has even conquered time and space. The launch of Telephone, telegram and wireless mobiles emerged as a bridge of communication between people. Fast-moving vehicles like Aeroplanes, bullet trains, private jets have only brought luxury to the footsteps of the man.

In today’s world, without seeking the help of machines and available technology, man cannot sustain even for one day. In one word, the man has literally become a slave to the new age’s comforts and available door delivery resources, according to Astro strategist Hirav Shah.

If we vaguely look at how man’s day starts in today’s generation, he wakes up with an alarm clock, and later has a cup of tea/coffee prepared through an electric kettle. Thereafter, shaves/trim his beard with a high-end shaving machine/ equipment. Have his bath through the hot water from a geyser, wear clothes washed through a washing machine. He eats breakfast prepared through kitchen appliances, goes to the workplace on a car/ metro train.

Even in the office, he uses a personal computer or laptop to do his work. To communicate with his team members he uses WhatsApp/zoom group call.

To get relaxed after going back to home in the evening, he switches on television. Later goes to bed in a room which must have a fan or air-conditioner.

As described in the above text, man is literally banking on available technology in today’s generation which is an invention from his own brainchild, says famous business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

On the whole, no matter how much we got upgraded and utilising technology in our daily life activities, the man should understand that it is all from his creation and not cross the board and always maintain life morals and ethics because these are the only things which cannot be invented and should be followed to carry forward to the next generations, opinions Hirav Shah.