We are a generation that likes everything delivered to our doorsteps. With times being what they are, when a majority of the population employs smartphones, and there are mobile applications for almost everything, it is only logical that food delivery applications will enjoy the popularity that they already do.

We recently had a heart-to-heart conversation with Master Business Astrologer cum Astro Strategist Hirav Shah about the Food Delivery App industry. These days, Hirav Shah is working with World’s leading hoteliers, Tourism and hospitality owners, Theme Park Owners, Restaurant owners, etc from the USA, Europe, England, UAE, India, etc…for their existing and new projects to increase certainty and to make strategies.

According to him, having the food that you like from your favorite restaurant without even putting on your shoes, is every millennial’s dream come true. But if you are looking to start a food delivery service like Swiggy, Zomato, and UberEats, then unfortunately for you, the market is already very saturated. But that doesn’t mean you have no shot at succeeding though. All you need is a cool mobile application, and you’re all set to start your shop. And so before you hire engineers to develop a food delivery app for you, Hirav Shah recommends that you add the following features in it.

1. UI User Interface

A user-friendly UI is the first and foremost requirement of all in ay mobile application. A seamless user interface keeps a user engaged and interested. Nobody likes complexity nowadays and so it will work in your favor if your application could be used as easily as possible. Don’t make finding things too hard, use images and videos, and use the most creative theme you can get your hands on to make the browsing experience a delight.

2. Curation

The abundance of data can be as fatal as its shortage. That is we live in an era of the right information at the right time. So employ a method that will tell your user precisely what he/she wants to explore.

Furthermore, personalization is also a good option. Make sure that your application shows information based on the user’s previous searches, such as types of cuisines, restaurants he or she likes, restaurants which are close, and other such information. This personalized information might make your user’s work more simplified and make him feel appreciated at the same time.

3. Correct Delivery Time

We millennials are impatient and sensitive, so make sure that you always mention the exact delivery time, taking into account the various factors which could cause a delay in delivery, such as weather conditions, traffic, or vehicle breakdown.

4. Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking of user’s delivery is something that should be in your app as well. Integration with various GPS tracking platforms is relatively easy these days and can do wonders for your business. The integrated GPS tracking platform detects the user’s location. To select a given geographical location, you will need CoreLocation in case of an iOS app and Google Location API for the Android app. This will let you detect the user’s precise location.

5. Secure Payment Integration

Make the payment process as streamlined and straightforward as possible. In a study done some years back, it was realized by Amazon that many users close their windows without buying anything because of the complex payment mechanism which they were using back then. Furthermore, you can have a wallet system in your application as well. This add-once-and-enjoy-multiple-times nature of wallets can work in your favor.

6. Loyalty points

Customers like to be rewarded. They like to feel prized and appreciated. And there is no better way to make them feel this way than loyalty points. Coupons and referral codes are among other tactics that you can use. Provide different things, throw in a free bottle of cola every once in a while, or something else which will make the user want to come back to your application over and over.

7. Pre Order

With the fast pace of working life, especially in metros, it is quite common that sometimes we are late for one thing or another and we can not take our meals. To fix this problem, have a Pre-Order option in your application. Take UberEats for example. It lets you order your food in advance before you reach your destination. So, say that a user couldn’t have his breakfast this morning, so what the user can do is pre-order his food an hour before, and add the destination where he will like his food to be delivered to. Then an hour later, when the user will reach his office, he will have his breakfast waiting for him.

8. Order anywhere

If you’ve ever ordered food from home, you might have faced a situation when the restaurant refused to deliver it because, in their words- they don’t deliver in your area. Try that this doesn’t happen to you. Make sure that you deliver to as many places as you possibly can, including hospitals and parks.

9. Expand

Try to bring in more and more restaurants. Users can be extremely picky sometimes. If a particular person wants lasagna from a certain restaurant, then he will do anything in his power to get it, including dumping your application and finding a new one who has that restaurant as its partner. Also, keep in mind that you don’t partner with too many restaurants serving similar cousins, try to bring as many different types of food as you can, so that you reach a broader customer base.

10. Variety

Add your own packages. For example, gluten-free combo or meat lovers combo. Keep trying these new things to surprise your customers. Furthermore, you can allow them to make a big order by manually putting stuff from various restaurants in one order. That will further make you stand apart from the herd.

11. Customize

You can’t run a business with the thinking that the world operates in a linear and objective fashion. Tastes, internet connection, roads, people are the variables you need to think about while building your application. Try employing filters in your application that show users the optimal information based on their preferences, without them having to specifically search them. Use metrics such as age group which uses your application the most of the locality where your application is most active and then device a business plan, according to them.

For example, if there are hostels in your operational area, make sure that you deliver late nights. If you have colleges in the vicinity, make sure you deliver cakes and pastries for birthday parties.

Furthermore, based on the types of customer, customize offers you display and restaurant suggestions you provide as well.

12. Proper SEO and Social Media Sharing

The social media appearance is rudimentary for your application; it is a great way to draw more customers. So make sure that you add social media buttons in your application, allowing users to share your business on their various social media accounts. It is also a good idea to maintain a healthy social media presence as well, try keeping your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account as updated as possible.

Furthermore, search engine optimization is something your official website needs to have at all costs. Design your website in a way that makes it more search engine friendly.

13. Push Notifications

Make sure you keep your existing customers informed. Whether it is about some new feature that you’re adding to your application or some new restaurant you have just partnered with, a push notification can serve many purposes and is a great way to keep customers interested in you.

In conclusion, Hirav Shah adds that the biggest trends coming for the food industry are sustainability, global perspective, finding balance with new lodging options, and growing demand and every entrepreneur who wants to launch a Food Delivery App should have these points in his mind. Well, a Food delivery app should try to solve all the problems related to the food and its service and should fulfill every requirement of its customers to win the trust and faith of its customers which will pave the way for its success, eventually.