Many people must be thinking, 2020 has taken away the harmony and positivity from their lives and must be wondering बेरंग सी है बड़ी ज़िन्दगी, कुछ रंग तो भरूँ – while 2020 ends.

As Influential Business Adviser Hirav Shah Quotes,

“If you are experiencing life in shades of grey, then colours that are vibrant colours full of passion, joy and positivity can be added into your lives.
With Astro-Strategical Consultation and by using ‘favourable’ colours while designing spaces, life and business can certainly be colourful and blissful in 2021

Impact Of Colours On Personality

Colours were brought into your life to make your life brighter and more joyful. There are different types of colours and every person somehow resonates with a particular type of colour or even a combination of colours, those that they feel reveal their personality. There are infinite colours in the earth that you can find in Nature, everywhere around you. These parts of Nature call you and reflect on your soul as if it is a part of you. Colours have a special way of speaking to you and it helps you to showcase yourself into others and present your personality more easily.

The Psychological Effects of Colour

Why is colour such a powerful force in our lives? What effects can it have on our bodies and minds? While perceptions of colour are somewhat subjective, there are some colour effects that have universal meaning.

Meanwhile, when we talk about colours, although we can name more than we can count on our 10 fingers, there are 7 main colours that are actually taken into consideration when we talk about Colour Psychology. Colour psychology is an extremely important part of our day-to-day life as it is involved in every inch of our lives, in everything that we do and everything that we see around us. The 7 main colours are the colours of the VIBGYOR- Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. These colours are said to be divided from white light. When this white light passes through the different layers of the atmosphere of the earth, it undergoes a process known as refraction due to air particles in the air. Let us take a look!
But, be careful about what you choose and how you portray them while designing your favourite spaces!

1.ORANGE–It is the most intense colour you can find anywhere on anything. It pumps up your blood and gives you a rush. It signifies Ambition, action, and willpower and hence it is a splendid choice if you are looking to design your office space. It also helps in stimulation, joy and a lot of conversation, so it might be the perfect addition to your living room!

2.YELLOW- It is the colour of the sun and therefore, naturally, it signifies warmth and positivity. It is one of the best choices as a colour for your dining rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Fill up your rooms with some energy, with some shades and hues of golden.

3.BLUE- It is probably the strongest colour of the spectrum, and is believed to calm down people’s nerves to a great extent. This bold hue helps in pumping up a lot of confidence and is related to small portions of the personality that builds up the body such as loyalty, trust, peace, and success. Perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms where you want to create a relaxing environment.

4.GREEN- It is the colour of nature and it is suitable for every room in your house. Be it in the kitchen or your bedroom, it helps in stimulating balance, growth, and restoration in the colour psyche of every individual. Connecting your heart to Nature is probably one of the best things you can do, to improve comfort and togetherness within the family.

5.PURPLE- It is known to be reflecting on the emotions of creativity, fantasy, and nobility. It is known to carry a charming and luxurious flavour and texture, and hence it helps in delivering something to impress anybody who sees this colour.

Colours (Favourable / To Avoid) In 2021

2021’s most beneficial colours would be Golden, Green and Blue, will accelerate joy, happiness, prosperity and growth”, Quotes Famed Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah.
Also, try and avoid Black, Brown and Red , for it might not reap very good outcomes” Opines Shah.


“The role of colour is properly emphasized everywhere since time immemorial.
The colours you use in your home, be it on the walls or on the bed, have a huge impact on your mood and emotions and that is why it is crucial to ‘Strategize, Plan and Pick’ colours with Astrological Consultation, that can invoke and stir up all the positive energy within you.
And, only Astrology can prescribe remedies for strengthening weak planets to bring a balance in your lives.” Concludes Hirav Shah, Celebrated Business Astrologer.