Law of Attraction is nothing but everything that life throws at you is invited by you only. Even its negative and positive thing happening in your life is attracted to you because of your conscious and unconscious thoughts. Most often, it happens without awareness, but it’s true that you are attracted to every single thing that’s happening in your life. The people you meet, the places you go, the hard times you get, and the happiness you experience everything is because of your thoughts, says business Astrologer and Astro strategist Hirav Shah.
Exploring various steps involved in the Law of Attraction, Hirav Shah brings a few key topics in this concept to the viewers.

How to master the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is a power which brings significant changes in the individual lives. Before mastering the art of Law of Attraction, we must believe in our potential of making things happen that’s locked deep within us. It’s unfortunate that with so much potential we still leave our emotions and thoughts unattended. As a result, we are releasing the wrong thoughts in the universe and attract negative events and emotions in our life.
Once we master the power of the law of attraction, we would be able to acknowledge every thought and attract really good things in life.

How to use the law of attraction in daily life

1. Know your path

The manifestation of dreams starts with identifying them. For that, you should first fix your path. Later, have faith that everything you desire in life is completely possible to achieve. All it takes is a strong faith that you can achieve it. Your desires may include places you want to visit, people you want to meet, and things you want to achieve.

2. Visualization

Visualize your dreams every morning after you wake up and every night before you go to bed. Visualization helps you make a clear and vibrant image in your mind of what you want and put you in a great mood to kickstart your day. Feel the satisfaction that comes with the thought of having what you want to have. It gives immense relief and provokes to work in an even better way.

3. Practice positive affirmations

Spending some time every day practising the positive affirmations and motivational quotes develop positiveness within you. Make a list of certain positive affirmations that describe you and your goals better. Look yourself in the mirror and inject confidence that you can accomplish anything you can set your mind to.

4. Make plans

Law of attraction will never work for you until you act and make plans. Therefore, make a proper plan to move ahead on the path that leads to your dreams. Now, take actions according to your plans to manifest the expected outcomes.

5. Track your progress

Your dreams might take time to turn into reality. Instead of worrying, start tracking your progress and celebrating the small achievements will help you stay optimistic throughout the journey. Never forget to reaffirm and appreciate your efforts to attract your dreams and desires.

6. Meditation

When your mind starts giving you aches and creeps, find yourself a peaceful space and set yourself up for meditation. Breathe gently and focus on every breath you take. Inhale and exhale in a complete state of mindfulness. Allow yourself to feel every muscle of your body relaxing one by one and let the joy and feelings of contentment and bliss run through your body. Meditation is indeed a great way to keep yourself motivated.

7. Being generous and grateful for everything

Always be grateful for everything that you have achieved in your life because those are the real things that make you happy. People always run after the things they don’t have instead of enjoying what they have in their life. Everything you have and every moment you make is worthwhile. So laugh when you have the chance and work hard to create solid impact and more things to add to your grateful checklist.


If everyone starts practising the above principles of Law of Attraction, you will never get a chance to have regrets in life and everything you wish for will be yours. To conclude, Astro and business strategist Hirav Shah believes that Law of Attraction makes each individual be in the reality and focus on things which are available at his/her doorsteps and think practically instead of worrying about unwanted desires.