What is Launching ?

Launching is nothing but an already existing business entrepreneur venturing into a new business with which he/she is not familiar at all. The launch or investment may be on a large or small scale depending upon his/her financial status and the worth share value of the business in which they are planning to launch says famous business strategist and Astrologer Hirav Shah

What is the Telecom industry?

Telecom industry comes under the sector of information and communication where all telecommunications or telephone companies and internet service providers make a key decision in the evolution of mobile communications and the information society.

Telecommunication sector is one of the biggest revenue-generating industries in the world and has been implementing a wide range of user-friendly options to gain even more momentum in the market from the past few years.

Considering the current phase of the telecom industry, noted Astro strategist and business Astrologer Hirav Shah comes up with the in-depth analysis on Telecom industry in India and the possibility of launching a new provider in the field.

The Telecommunications industry in India

As per the recent reports, India is one of the largest telecommunication markets in the world with over 1.16 billion subscribers and has been witnessing tremendous growth from the past one decade or so.

The mobile economy is contributing a lot to our country’s Gross Domestic Product ( GDP), reveals a joint survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group with GSM Association.

As per 2019 statistics, India telecom industry has even overtaken the US market in terms of app downloads.

The liberal and reformist policies being taken by the India government over the past few years is helping for the rapid growth in the Indian telecom sector. Due to the availability of a fair and proactive framework, the services are being provided to the customers at affordable prices.

Telecommunication sector has emerged as one of the top employment providing fields in our country after the government brought the deregulation of Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI) act a couple of years back.

Telecommunications market structure in India

In the internet users category, India ranks the world’s second-largest country. As proof, the usage of the internet in India crossed approximately 744 million as per the 2020 data statistics.

Reports also say that wireless data usage in India is expected to reach 25,369,679 TB by the end of 2021.

Being the world’s second-largest telecommunications market, the total subscriber base in India stood at 1,167.81 million.

In the first quarter of 2021, the gross revenue of the telecom industry is expected to be close to ₹66,858 crores and in the next five years, the decline in the data costs to add 500 million new internet users, says business strategist Hirav Shah.

Recent developments in the industry

As the subscriber base is rapidly increasing, investors are showing interest to invest big bucks in the telecommunications industry.

According to the data released by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, FDI inflow into the market is approximately 37 billion from the past two decades.

In 2019, Reliance communications launched Jio GigaFiber- a wired broadband service. In the same year, Airtel disclosed its plans to invest close to 3 billion dollars as a part of the company’s annual target. In January 2020, major news came out that more than 542 banks were permitted to provide mobile banking services to the customers.

In the second half of 2020, Airtel and Radware partnered to offer Cloud security services to various businesses in our country.

In 2020, Google paid ₹33,737 crores to Jio Platforms Ltd. In the same year, Reliance Jio partnered with 22 foreign airlines for in-flight internet connectivity with a basic plan of ₹499 per day.

Apart from Airtel and Jio, various telecom service providers also came up with innovative ideas to attract the already existing and new customers.

How about launching a new service provider in the telecommunications industry?

As the revenue being generated through the telecom industry is more than 26 billion dollars as per 2020 statistics, the number of internet users in the country is expected to double and reach 829 million by the end of 2021.

Adding to it, the IP traffic is expected to see a spike of about 30% by the end of the current year and the National Digital Communications Policy 2018 is expected to attract the worth of 100 billion in the telecommunications sector by 2022, in the given scenario launching a new service provider in the field has a very favourable atmosphere, says Hirav Shah.


By taking the above statistics into consideration, launching a new provider by the investors in the telecom industry is a smart idea but in order to get quick and accurate results, consulting an Astro Business Strategist, who can provide good strategy to launch the service portal is always a safe bet, says business Astrologer and Astro strategist Hirav Shah