A quality policy is not but a statement that drives the function of your entire Quality Management System. It lays the framework for all future quality objectives and states your commitment to meet the requirements.

For instance, to a company or organization is committed to providing good services to the customers, then the quality policy will be helpful to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001 (An international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system)

According to business Astrologer and Astro strategist Hirav Shah, launching quality policy in the wide industry like Tourism and Hospitality will be more helpful for the respective owners to provide good service and exceed the annual targets.

Brief points about the Tourism and hospitality industry in India

Tourism and Hospitality is one of the rapidly growing business chains in the service sector in our country and its contribution to the annual revenue of the country is massive.

As per the reports, the Tourism industry in India has been generating a revenue of close to $250 billions from the past few years in India. The official data released by the central government in 2017 says that close to 10 million foreign tourists are visiting India every year which is providing employment through the Tourism industry in India to approximately 43 million people.

Being the third-largest foreign exchange industry in India, the Tourism and Travel sector has been fetching approximately 46 billion dollars investment from the past couple of years.

Adding to it, having a diverse portfolio of tourism products like adventure, medical, wellness, sports, eco-tourism, film, rural and religious tourism, the sector has a wide scope to fetch good revenues for the investors.

Hotels with a projected cost of close to 30 million dollars are already brought under the Harmonized Master List ( HML) Infrastructure by the government of India.

In the second quarter of 2020, the Union Ministry of State for Tourism and culture inaugurated Association of Buddhist Tour Operators International convention centre as mileage for the Tourism industry.

Central government schemes like PRASHAD were inaugurated and under this programme, various Tourist Facilitation Centre are built across the country.

The main motive behind the scheme is to provide basic Tourism facilities such as Interpretation Centers, Money exchange centres, eco-friendly mode of transport.

Source of investments in India

Apart from having a world-class structure in hospitals and skilled medical professionals across India, the tourism and hospitality industry has many sources to explore.

For example, rural tourism in our country has been promoted as the Incredible India 2.0 Campaign and granted funds for more than 185 sites in various states and union territories across the country earlier. Steps have also been taken to save the ecosystem and cultural heritage of the great Himalayas.

Various segments such as timeshare resorts, convention centres, motels, heritage hotels are being promoted aggressively as a part of the tourism and hospitality sector.

For easy and proper communication, Swachh Paryatan Mobile App, a 24/7 tourist Helpline launched in 12 International languages for the comfort of the foreign tourists.

Introducing the Quality policy in the Tourism and hospitality industry

Being a vast and multiple channels based industry, the Tourism and Hospitality field should have the quality policy control for the owners to act timely and provide services to the customers based on the requirements, says Hirav Shah.

Most importantly, if the quality is introduced in the Tourism industry a proper tracking system comes into existence with which the tourist can pick a hotel or resort of his/her choice without any further delay and confusion.


As per business Astrologer and Astro strategist, Hirav Shah, by introducing the quality policy in the tourism and hospitality industry will be a great game-changer in the market but before going ahead with any introducing programmes, consulting a renowned Astrologer and business strategist will fetch accurate results.