With the Indian Housing sector reeling under many unsold inventories, the Economic Survey 2019-20 has suggested that developers should clear their stock by taking a haircut and selling apartments at lower prices. As people face several problems while selling their properties, there could be various reasons for their non-disposition. Properties rarely sell when builders build new buildings without following the principles of Vastu and feng shui. They face major losses as their investments are huge. Sometimes the properties do not sell owing to legal disputes. Often people want to shift to new houses because the old ones have been unlucky for them. Such properties often remain unsold in the market and the real estate agents remain helpless.

Hirav shah who is a renowned Astro Real Estate Strategist cum Real Estate Astrologer and has worked closely with many of the leading Real Estate Developers, Infrastructure, and Real Estate giants of India, USA, etc and has been actively involved in providing concrete predictions and TIMELINE OF UNSOLD PROPERTIES talks about how can a realtor, developer or builder deal such a situation following some simple steps.

Here are the three steps in getting a property sold for an individual Investor or individual property owner.

Make Sure The Property Is Really Ready for Sale:

First, make sure the owners are really ready to sell. The process of getting the house sold is much easier when people are truly ready to move. Sometimes, one member of the family does not want to let go of the house. Other times, they rationally want to move, but emotionally and physically they are still tied to that home. Their mind wants to leap into the future, but their emotional body is afraid of change. Even if everyone else in the house is ready to move, anyone person can prevent the sale.

Removing the stability out of the property:

Secondly, you must understand the stability aspect of the house. The first foundation stone is always laid in the south-west of the property after performing spiritual rites in the north-east. Have you ever wondered why this happens? This is because the south-west sector of the property is ruled by earth energy, which has a great gravitational pull. Now, when the foundation stone is laid here, it makes this area heavy and gives stability to the upcoming building and also hastens the process of construction.

After the construction is complete and when you move into a new house, it is important to anchor the energy of the house by keeping something heavy in the south-west of the house. The fastest way to turn a house into a home is to place your oldest sideboard or cupboard there and fill it with family pictures and heirlooms. It will make you feel immediately at home as it serves as a powerful emotional anchor for the entire family. This means that the house will always help to stabilize you in the future. If there are several floors in that house, concentrate on the lowest one but place heavy objects on the same point on the upper floors as well. When you want to move out, you have to pull those anchors up by moving anything heavy out of this grounding spot.

Often, the houses that remain unsold with the real estate agents have a heavy piece of furniture stuffed full of family pictures and silverware in the south-west direction. That particular piece symbolically grounds those resources and needs to be emptied out from every floor.

Ensure that the north-west area of the house, which is ruled by great movement and is also connected with helpful people like real estate agents, is clean, open, and organized. Disorder and mess here avoid stimulating potential buyers. The “For Sale” sign is best placed in this sector of the property. This tends to attract a contract that is pleasant and good for everybody. Writing a note of affirmation here saying that the property has fetched a good rate will further accelerate the sale. It works wonders when it is signed by the senior family members. Again, wind chimes, bells, and crystals will serve to stimulate the sale of your property.

Planetary Position:

Thirdly, the speed at which the house is sold depends upon how quickly the owners make the changes. The planetary position also has a great impact on the sale of the property and hence, needs to be considered. Put the property on sale when the planets are going ahead. This will ensure that the sale of the property will definitely go ahead. If the planetary position is such that planets are going backward, then the sale of the property will never go ahead. It will attract the customers who are confused about the house or the rates and will never be able to take a final decision. Do not bring dramatic changes in the property as a gentle and patient touch is preferred, which allows the heart the necessary time to gracefully depart from home once loved.

To conclude, Hirav Shah says, “The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty. Even in the current market, there’s a buyer out there for every home. Properties have been sold that sit over a noisy nightclub, or have been the scene of a ghastly crime. One even found a buyer when it was in the process of falling off a cliff. The key is to understand what you can change by following some simple astrological formulae, do what you can to make the property attractive, and then set a realistic price.”