Are you a person of ideas? Do you want a job where you can explore your creative potential? If yes, then the Media, PR, and Event management industry are the ones for you.

Talking about this happening industry, celebrated Astro Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah who is famous all over the world for his immaculate astrology knowledge and right now working with major multinational companies from the USA, Europe, England, UAE, India, etc., for their existing and new projects to increase certainty and to make strategies, explains that the industry of Media and Event management is a dynamic realm fusing conventional project management concepts with technological innovation. It requires constant up-gradation and originality to organize successful events. India is fast growing with new industries coming up. Industries and brands conduct events for interactive experiences and gain popularity. Large-scale events build an image and reputation. This raises the demand for finer event managers to cater to the needs of the companies.

Media means a medium of communication. It may vary from television, radio, print, freelance writing, publishing, films, advertising, online content writing, and social media (which is all the rage now). The beauty of this industry is that job opportunities are endless. Events are part of our day-to-day life. The event management industry is growing by the day.

The media and event management industry is a roller coaster ride where you are expected to be on your toes. If you are creative, take this ride, and be rest assured there will never be a dull moment. Hirav Shah makes a note of some of the most prominent career and business opportunities in the sector of Media and Event Management.

Career opportunities in media

Journalism: If you think that journalism is all about becoming a star news anchor, it is time you brush up your knowledge of the profession. If you have a nose for good content and stories, if you are a go-getter and can meet deadlines (as in this industry stale news does not sell) you can build a lucrative career in this field. The medium, whether print or television will become secondary if you have thick skin and a passion for writing.

Favorable Zodiac Signs for career in Media : Gemini, Leo, Pisces

Public relations: Are you an extrovert? Do you like writing, public speaking, organizing events? If yes then public relations is the one for you. Your role will include managing all manner of communication and public perception about people, products, and organizations.

Favorable Zodiac Signs for career in Public Relations : Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius

Marketing and advertising: Creativity is the prerequisite to be part of a marketing or advertising firm. You will have to learn the art of convincing people that the product you are trying to sell is worthy of their investment. The need for individuals and corporations to promote one’s product has led to a boom in the advertising and marketing industry.

Favorable Zodiac Signs for career in Marketing and Advertising : Taurus, Leo, Scorpio

Career opportunities in event management: Event managers in corporate, hotels: To start with you can work for brands, corporates and media houses that specialise in event management activities. Hone your skills amidst professionals working in the field. To make an event a success, a large team is required to visualize concepts, plan budgeting, and execute the plan. Learn the art from the best in the business and begin a lucrative career in the field.

Start your own event management firm: After garnering enough experience and finance you can take the next plunge and start an event management firm. Make sure you hire the right kind of people to flourish among the many start-ups.

Freelancing: After you have learned the craft and the nuances involved in organizing an event, you can opt to work as a freelancer.

Favorable Zodiac Signs for career in Event Management : Cancer, Virgo, Libra

Hirav Shah after analyzing the prospects of this lucrative industry concludes that the Media, PR, and event management industry portrays a rosy image of the future. It has already evolved in a lot of ways in India. Highly experienced and professionalized event managers inculcate a proactive approach. It generates a satisfactory sense of self-participation and experimentation. They stress the magic of guest involvement. Feedbacks go a long way in this sector. The client’s contentment lies in the reputation among guests. Every event, in addition, should deliver high standards of personalization. The uniqueness of an event lies in the concept of personalized elements. Event management is one such industry that demands the engagement of all five senses. An event has undoubtedly become a multi-sensory involvement.