Background  :

Hollywood is the most competitive yet demanding industry of the world. Naturally, millions aspire to be that Hollywood star or actor or director or musician. Many of them put in that effort as well. 

But, how many really make it ! 

Well Leonardo DiCaprio, the Hollywood Superstar made it and how.

DiCaprio today is one of the most successful actors, entrepreneurs and environmentalists in Hollywood, but his childhood was far from perfect. He grew up in a poor family and lived in a very irregular and difficult neighbourhood in Los Angeles. 

Leo really had a challenging time in school because he was being constantly bullied. But the bullying shifted something inside of him, and made him decide that he had enough, so he dropped out of high school.

That was the life-changing moment for him. He was 15, and he told his Mom that he wanted to be an actor. 

Rise of DiCaprio:

Leo became globally popular when he starred in James Cameron’s movie “Titanic”. The movie turned out to be a huge success and it’s the first movie ever to make over $1 billion internationally. This role transformed Leonardo DiCaprio into one of the biggest Hollywood Superstars. Since then, he has done so many amazing movies and among the numerous awards,he even bagged an Oscar. 

Leonardo DiCaprio has had a long and successful acting career. And he is not stopping anytime soon. He has won a total of whopping 54 awards and has been nominated for over 168 nominations. 

An Oscar-winning actor with having done timeless movies like Inception, Titanic, and The Basketball Diaries, somebody, who has been a Los Angeles native, who started his career from a mediocre TV series shows like Santa Barbara and Growing Pains- DiCaprio has come a really long long way.

Also, DiCaprio has contributed to various social causes and is also a known environmentalist.

Success Story:

What we can derive from the motivational success story Of Leonardo DiCaprio – his path to success was not easy. He didn’t have any privileges, he wasn’t rich or popular. He was just a poor boy, who by running away from bullying found his purpose in life.

What made him one of greatest artists ever? 

How did he make it? 

Why couldn’t million others make it? 

Was he blessed? 

Was it handwork? 

Was it talent? 

Well there are millions of actors who are very hardworking and talented.

Then, what was it !!

Well,Famed Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah, who has helped countless celebrities & new dreamers to break out of their prison of struggle, says


Secrets to DiCaprio’s Success :

In an interview, DiCaprio had revealed that the secret to his tremendous success is the ‘Timing’ factor.

His answer was an astonishing one !!

Nobody had ever imagined such a response from him, more so because he was a hugely successful star He still is.

Meanwhile, Celebrated Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah who has carved a niche for himself in the fields of Corporate Businesses, Politics, Sports, Entertainment industry, Tourism and Hospitality, Real Estate sector and many other areas with his extraordinary understanding of business ethics and astrology asserts, 

The sooner we realize what works for us, the better and bigger our growth can be. You need the TIMING to be right. You need ASTROLOGY on your side besides the talent, skill, mental toughness, hard work, tenacity, optimism, growth mindset, emotional intelligence and resources. 


All actors, producers, directors and studio owners, who are part of the showbiz wonder, 

‘Am I on the right path’ ? 

‘Am I able to swim upstream ’? 

Well, moral and astro-strategic support to them is the need of the hour.