Real Estate is about relationships. Marketing is important but building relationships with people is the answer.

If you want to catch a big fish or a high-end client, put your hook in the water where the fish you want to catch hang out. Do a bit of research to understand the big money market interests and get involved in their interests, Suggests Hirav Shah, Property and Real Estate Astrologer Cum Strategist.

So basically, a high-end client is the ideal definition of a customer who is looking for closing a deal at the earliest. These are clients who are looking for something unique and are willing to pay high.

In the real estate business, these clients can be celebrities or top executives or CEOs or athletes or politicians or industrialists, who don’t have the time to shop around.

Meanwhile Real Estate Business Strategist Hirav Shah, outlines practical ways to attract high-end real estate clients.

1.Establish Yourself As A Quality Agent

Before you start selling million-dollar homes, you need to establish yourself as a quality agent. Gain experience working with clients who have a lower budget before you begin marketing to high-end clients. You might even want to consider shadowing a known luxury agent.


You’re well-known throughout your community. High-end buyers have high expectations and require the best agent possible. Network with as many other agents and home service providers as you can and make sure your online presence is squeaky-clean. You never know who will be able to refer you to your first luxury buyer.

3. Give A Personal Touch

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The business is all about relationships. When it comes to high paying clients, don’t insist on the transaction. Most brokers make this mistake and lose the customer.

So, basically, the high-end buyers and young professionals buying their first home have one thing in common – they want to feel special. No one wants to feel like a set of numbers or a walking commission. If you want to make a career in the highly competitive luxury real estate market, you’ll need to treat every one of your buyers as an individual. Tailor your services to their needs and go above and beyond to locate the perfect home.

4.Be Bright and Smart

Shying away from important people is not allowed if you need them as your customer. High end clients don’t need you to agree to, everytime. They want you to come straight to the point, provide the product and service they really wish.

5. Make Their Lives Easier

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If something is worth it, they will pay for it.
High end real estate clients are looking for someone to make their process (whether it’s to buy, rent or sell):

  • More efficient
  • Easier
  • More well informed

If you’re making sure to stay ahead of the next steps, making their lives easier, and giving them information before they have to hunt it down themselves, you’re bringing value, and you are worth the price you command.

6.Being Visible

Being visible is imperative. Attend parties, organise open houses and other gatherings, where there are a lot of high paying customers. Give yourself a chance to be introduced.

Bottomline- Remember, these clients would never spend a lot of time browsing websites to find the perfect agent. Be visible. Thats the key.

7. Reviews /Testimonials Research

Future clients now have constant access to real estate content, listings and virtual tours from competing agents—all online. Therefore, an important piece of the lead-gen puzzle is showcasing expertise online—potential luxury clients are looking for a good track record when it comes to finding an agent.

Reviews and testimonials are vital to attracting new business. They are important for converting potential luxury homebuyers looking to hire a real estate agent who can help them on their homeownership journey.

8. Tailor Your Content For high-end clients

Tailor your content. Create fancy and valuable content and stand out from the pack.This can be your presentation.Make sure that you have a listing presentation that conveys that you are a unique service provider and that they can trust you to be a true professional and may be they will end up being your client as well.


So, now you know how to attract high-end real estate clients.
However, there are so many real estate problems that, actually it’s a actually very long list. Yet, the returns are handsome provided you overcome all associated real estate issues with your planning, strategy and timing.

Yes, the Timing has to be correct, aside from everything else.

You need Astrology by your side.

A one-on-one discussion with Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah and his guidance & advice, will enlighten you about the aspects that are specific to your project.

So, be ready to prosper and succeed in real estate !!