Eventual outbreak of technology and a wide range of internet facilities has been creating a major problem in personal relationships. The high usage of the internet is leading to major conflicts in the family and relationships, says famous business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

Due to the tremendous spike in the fields of communication and technology sector, the internet has been a part of our lives and is now a daily activity. Right from the usage of electronic gadgets to computers at the workplace, the internet has become a mandatory thing from the public, says Hirav Shah.

The high usage of the internet and spending more time on social media platforms is largely affecting family and live-in relations.

As per Hirav Shah’s study, below are a few of the things which badly affected the personal lives and romantic relationships.

1. Online interaction

During our leisure time to socialize with others, we start interacting with unknown persons which are indeed ending up as a huge mess.

Usually, couples meet online and build-up romantic relationships at a fast pace but end on an even faster note because maximum on the online interactions will not be leading to marriages.

In case, if the relationship starts online and eventually turn as a marriage bonding, most of them are suffering breakups and divorces, says Hirav Shah’s study.

One should have clarity regarding his/her online relationships because if you are looking for only dating purposes, internet connections look great but not a suggested choice for long-term relationships.

2. Many choices

Finding the perfect partner through an online dating interaction is largely impossible as the user has too many choices before him/her. The multiple options available on the internet have been frequently creating problems.

If a person encounters a large set of choices, he/she usually goes with the ideal mate preferences. Though the relationship looks good at the initial stage, it will eventually turn out to be a major hurdle in individual lives.

Excess advantages and choices on the internet are literally making the teenagers/youth group as an on-off remote.

3. Close monitor and live tracking

With the availability of social media tracking facilities, people are utilizing it to monitor their partners in a relationship which is not a good habit.

People surrounded by the anxious atmosphere are seeking data from their partners’ social media pages in order to clarify their doubts on the other person which is leading to major arguments and break-ups when found guilty.

4. Twitter activity

It’s not that all the couples communicate via Twitter but there are a few cases where the Twitter activity is leading to conflicts between the romantic partners.

Most of the Twitter conflicts are due to cheating behaviour leading to relationship break-up and divorce.

Twitter medium potential conflicts are growing at a fast pace these days.

5. Threat for new FB friends

While using an FB account, you should be very careful in accepting friend requests as it may pass signals to your partner on low relationship commitment.

Based on your friends’ list and the Timeline activity, your romantic partner may draw conclusions and doubt your seriousness in the relationship.


The above-mentioned are a few of many reasons to showcase that the internet is a drug addiction which may affect both family and romantic relationships. So moderate use of the internet and social media platforms is suggested instead of excessive allocation of time on it will only create disturbance in the lives, says Astro strategist and business Astrologer Hirav Shah.