In every business, there are many risks and uncertainties. A good businessman is the one who analyses future risks/uncertainties/changes and makes necessary changes for the suitability of his business.

Famous Astro Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah recently spoke about how Astrology can be the most beneficial to make your business a grand success. He says, “If hard work can make you a millionaire, trust me combining the same hard work and talent with astro strategy can make you a very successful.”

As per Hirav Shah, Business Astrology helps you in forecasting the success or failure of a business venture and ensures you get the maximum profit out of your business.

Due to unpredictability in business, knowing the future by astrological predictions regarding….

  • The best time to start a new business
  • competitions
  • losses
  • Business ROI
  • Profit
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Image Building
  • Acquisition,
  • Diversification
  • expenses,
  • the involvement of the amount of work,
  • cooperation & selection of employees, and many more, is always better.

It involves specifying the objective of the business project or venture and identifying the external and internal factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve that objective.

Hirav Shah further adds that businesses have charts, just as people have. A business astrology consultation is based upon the time you started your business. This may be the date you opened your business, the incorporation date, or both. The business astrology chart shows the strengths and weaknesses of the business; and by using astrological cycles, it forecasts what you can expect to happen in the future. For small businesses and sole proprietors, we combine looking at the business’ astrology chart with the astrology chart of the owner. For medium-sized and larger businesses, we would also consider the astrological charts of key personnel who are in decision-making roles. For new businesses, we would choose the actual date and time you incorporate or open your business to coincide with the best astrological timing for your success.

Business Astrology can give you the inner vision of the future cycle which can be better utilized to optimize the growth and make a prediction of the trends. This makes it easier for you to make decisions. Sometimes you are also required to take immediate decisions in business and in that situation, it becomes difficult to manage things and take a wise step. In that situation, astrology plays a crucial role. It lets you have a certain idea of things and well in advance so this is how you get positive results.

“In Business, when you have CLARITY on where you want to go and GUIDELINES on what are the CHANCES of REACHING there, You can become UNSTOPPABLE.”

Hirav Shah who is a one-of-a-kind corporate astrologer has extended his consultation to many multinational companies. He advises such companies on the changes they can make on the basis of SWOT analysis. Through a deep study of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the company faces, which they can’t identify themselves, he cracks a plan for them and sets up a timeline for a promised outcome. He says that once you have an edge over future prospects, you will definitely get the best things to come your way. This lets you have an appropriate assessment to identify upcoming catastrophes and then you can work accordingly. All this finally leads to securing your position against any future losses. People from all over the world are finding out the newest techniques. Another approach that can benefit you is the business birth chart. With the help of this, you can stay out of trouble and raise the business perspective.