The home real estate industry is as competitive as its commercial counterpart. It has a unique set of challenges that affect the outcomes for countless businesses. Take a look at some aspects that a GAP analysis can improve.

* Acquisition of real estate clients
Many real estate businesses are doing everything right apart from the processes involved in the acquisition of actual customers. Your business is failing to capitalize on one or more steps of the process, including the decision-making stage. If you are not meeting the acquisition targets, a GAP analysis can be of help.

* Advertisement spending optimization
Sales in the home real estate industry depend significantly on the effectiveness of advertising efforts. But the main problem in this regard is managing spending related to advertisements. If you want to cut down expenses to a certain threshold, get a GAP analysis conducted.

* Improved lead generation
If your home real estate business is failing to generate its desired lead generation targets, performing a GAP analysis can be a good idea. Data-based analysis can show you why your lead generation process is not producing intended results. It is a great way to maximize your business potential.

* Improving the bottom line
Real estate business owners must realize that keeping a healthy bottom line is quite essential, even while attempting to diversify solutions across target markets. If the bottom line is not as healthy, you might consider investing in a GAP analysis process.

These are the positive impacts of a GAP analysis on home real estate businesses. Astrology can also help to direct your business to a better future.

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Before doing GAP Analysis, try to correct 7 things to keep great wellbeing of your Home real estate business says Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah

  1. Name of the organization : Numerologically and Astrologically it should be with right spellings
  1. Correct partners : Check the compatibility, strength and weakness of all partners and administrators

      3.   Percentage of shares of every partners : It should be correct balance with one another

  1. Registered Address & administrative address : It should be compatible with name of the organization and key people of the company
  1. Logo of the organization : Logos are not good or unhealthy : rather they are either lucky or unlucky. An all around planned logo provides guidance, confidence, faith, energy and importance. and which means. It additionally adds worth to your whole brand equity.
  1. Web, Print, Digital presence  :
    Logo, Colours, fonts, Headings, Images, structure, framework all should be in correct place
  1. DBA (Brand Name): Doing Business As : Name of the Brand can provides direction to the organization. It can support sales, profit and so on it likewise helps for People, Product and Personal Branding


Try to perform GAP Analysis for your Home real estate business every month. It can be for various aspect of business.

  • Sales for Home real estate business,
  • Advertising for Home real estate business,
  • all different products of Home real estate business i.e Smal Area House, Large Area House, Medium Area House etc,
  • price of the Home real estate business,
  • Full existing project or can be done for new project too.
  • This analysis can also be done for people of organisation same way with whom you are working

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