As the world is opening and learning to live with the ‘new normal’, people are beginning to venture out with due caution and care. The last few months have had a huge impact on the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, and while the state of affairs even today remains uncertain, we are staying positive and hoping for a renewed buoyancy in 2021.

The ever-expanding global tourism industry was one of the major factors driving the growth of the hospitality industry before the coronavirus outbreak. The decrease in international business and leisure arrivals was the key factor that affected the market after the pandemic. As lockdown measures start to relax in domestic markets, hotels have transitioned into recovery mode, but very slowly, through attractive packages and highlighting hotel safety measures to local feeder markets, which have been the vital first steps to help boost the initial occupancy levels. But, the quantum of boost we are talking about here is very little.
Now hold on !! There is some reasonable good news here…

Hirav Shah, the Celebrated Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer and Top Influencer and Adviser in the field of Corporate Businesses, Politics, Sports, Entertainment industry, Real Estate sector and Tourism and Hospitality, says
There are mainly 3 periods which will give a huge boost to the hotel occupancy levels to show a steady growth in 2021 and 2022.

1. May 2021
2. October 2021
3. February 2022

Now, that’s amazing, isn’t it !!

Ensuring Repeat Customers !!

India’s top Influencer in the field of Hospitality and Tourism, Hirav Shah shares his ideas below as to how to ensure repeat customers. He says,
If there is one thing that Hoteliers are known for and have shown repeatedly, it is their resilient spirit! The hospitality industry seems to be slowly re-emerging from the apocalypse and guests are steadily trickling back for business and pleasure. In the times that we currently live in, the fear of travel and crowded spaces are sure to affect people and their behaviour. Following Hotel Industry’s Cleanliness and Sanitary Guidelines, together with government defined protocols, to guarantee the safety and hygiene of guests, has become of ‘Prime Importance’ now. Educating guests with this process and servicing their primary need for health, safety and hygiene through social distancing and other key measures, will give them more confidence, resulting in a steady flow of repeat guests at the hotel.

F & B Outlets Can Help !

Hirav Shah further adds,
With restaurants finally open, F&B traction has been positive as people are keen to dine out, given the assurance of a safe and clean environment. Hotels have traditionally been perceived to have better levels of hygiene and if given the choice, in all probability, people will be more inclined to dine out at a hotel restaurant than a standalone, due to which we may see a rise in demand in the coming months but when exactly, is the question . There is hope that the restaurant and bar business will improve for hotels and to take advantage of the new opportunities, the hotels need to plan to be more inventive in concept and pricing. Also what is witnessed, is a slow -rise in demand for socials, weddings, parties and gatherings, with people willing to adhere to the new norms and restricted numbers.


Top Astro-Strategist concludes with a hope here…He says,
The hotel business today has changed. Hospitality and taking care of others, needs to be the very essence of ‘what needs to be done’ and this applies to all Star hotels and Hotel Groups of the country.

But the world is heading towards a ‘new normal’ and the industry will see a shift in consumer behaviour. Personalised experiences will now take on a new definition, with safety, sanitisation and hygiene being the topmost priority for the hotel and guests. The guests need to be assured of all the protocols followed at the hotels . Hotels that can offer a higher standard of hygiene and sanitization in all the operational areas and maintain better social distancing in public spaces, stand to benefit in the long run and will have an edge over others.
Meanwhile, the most difficult task now, is to instill confidence in the minds of Hoteliers, Hotel Groups and Owners, by assuring them certainty and Hirav Shah as usual, always comes to the rescue. He says,

Astro-Strategy can help the Hoteliers to grow by analysing the current situation, identifying existing and potential challenges and obstacles they are facing and devising a custom plan of action for them, designed to help achieve specific outcomes in business.
Moreover, for the Hotel Owners and Operators, For the First Time Ever, They Can Know the ESTIMATED INCOME from their business in ADVANCE for the next 6 months / 1 year, quotes Shah.
Now, that’s Historic to say the least !!