In this blog the phenomenon of Facebook ads and how they can help you in giving a better return on investment for your business, explains celebrated Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah

Hirav Shah says, “Facebook, being the world’s largest social network is also the biggest platform for you to connect with your audience. Connecting organically becomes tough as Facebook keeps changing its algorithm. Advertising on Facebook is available to businesses in many formats. Ads can be as simple or as sophisticated as they want. No matter the scope, the reach is wide: Businesses have the ability to market to two billion people on Facebook every month.”

He adds, “The micro-targeting features of Facebook like Facebook Ads make it convenient for you to reach a specific audience that might be interested in your products or services.”

Before you dive right you need to know certain important aspects like the types of Facebook Ads and the targeting options for better Return On Investments(ROI).

Facebook Ad Types:

Being a well known Astro Strategist, Hirav Shah recommends the following Facebook Ad types to attract clients PAN India.

Image Ads

These are the simplest forms of ads where you can create an ad simply by clicking on the boosting option below an existing image on your Facebook Page.

However, just a simple image cannot do the trick. The image needs to be presented in a quirky way to grab the attention of viewers.

Video Ads

Video Ads can either run in the news feed or on stories. It can be a basic ad displaying the functioning of your product just like a quick demo.

Video Ads must be targeted according to the areas relevant to the product. For example, the video ad of a sweater must be targeted only towards the colder states.

Carousel Ads

A carousel ad is made up of 8-10 windows, each window with an image or video describing your product or service. This ad format can be used to showcase all the important features of a product at once.

Slideshow Ads

Through slideshow ads, small video ads can be created from a collection of still photos or texts and video clips. Images can also be imported from the stock photos of the Ad manager.

These advertisements work similar to the video ads but with 5 times less bandwidth, making it easier for viewers to see it at lower internet speeds also.

Collection Ads

Compatible only for mobile devices, these ads can allow you to post five products with links for customers to buy directly. Customers can buy the products without even leaving Facebook, making it even more beneficial for them.

Apart from these notable types of Facebook ads, there are some others too like messenger ads, stories ads, instant experience ads, etc.

But it isn’t about only creating ads, it is about how much will your business go to profit out of these ads.

How can you generate better ROI from Facebook Ads?

Social media marketing companies like us follow these steps for running Facebook ads with an objective to earn better ROI.

1. Targeting the right audience

The motive of a Facebook ad is to not reach as many people as possible. If you follow this policy, then this creates chances for your Facebook ad to go unnoticed. Every ad on Facebook must be created with a purpose. If the target audience of the ad includes anyone and everyone, then the ad is an utter waste.

Any Facebook ad must be specifically targeted so that it stretches to only those people who are interested in your content. Targeting is all about understanding the right audience and conveying the message to that audience only.

Facebook’s Audience Insights data can be used for better understanding and even better targeting.

2. The landing page must be accurate

The landing page will create an impression on the user clicking the link from the Facebook ad. This means that you would have only a few seconds to communicate well through the landing page.

To achieve better results, you must have a well-constructed landing page. The landing page is a vital medium that will help you convert a lead from the Facebook ad.

3. More Video ads

Facebook gives great importance to video ads to date as per records. You might not get as much organic reach on Facebook but video ads will always have a special place on their feed.

One proven reason for Facebook to prioritize video ads over other ads is that users are watching more videos on Facebook which is estimated at 100 million hours every single day!

Facebook video ads are budget-friendly and have a better reach than other ads. Hence, we advise most of our brands to run video ads for product promotions for a confirmed ROI.

4. Preparing a sales funnel.

Every brand whether big or small can gain profitable selling on Facebook. With the aid of paid ads, organic reach, and advertising tips, brands can sell their products or services on Facebook. Preparing a sales funnel will produce a clear path for your business to meet its target.

By creating a funnel, you can create different types of ads targeted to all types of users generating awareness about your brand and also ensure that the target users arrive at a stage where they can consider your product and service relevant for them. Answering Facebook comments is one such way.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “Despite the learning curve, Facebook advertising can be a great marketing channel for the right business. The most important points to remember are target specific interests, use eye-catching images, give users a low-friction conversion, and track everything.

After a week or two of learning what works for your business, you’ll be able to generate a steady source of conversions from the world’s largest social network.”

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