Ours is a cricket crazy Nation and IPL is heart & soul to every Cricket fan out there. IPL is the most talked-about League in the world, sometimes more popular than many world leagues. But, have you ever thought about the IPL economy? IPL revenue?

There are in fact, several sources through which IPL generates its revenue, that too in billions, in such a cut-throat competitive industry.

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Now, Lets first analyse the major sources of IPL revenue here:

Media Rights

Media rights are the main and important source of revenue for any IPL team. For some teams, it is about 60% of their total revenue. BCCI sells Media rights or broadcasting rights to channels. BCCI distributes revenue earned from media rights between teams after excluding their share from it.

Gigantic hype in media rights revenue resulted in every team profitable as prior expenses are high but revenue is low in comparison to the expense and sudden hype in the price of media rights provided great strength to their financial system.

Brand Sponsorship

Brand sponsorship to teams is also an important part of revenue for the teams.These sponsors invest their money in the team to get promotion through logo and name placement on the jersey.
The brand offers money to teams for promotion and the highest sponsor gets the main attraction area on the jersey to get more viewers’ attraction.

Title Sponsor

The title sponsor is the one whose name comes before the IPL like DLF IPL, VIVO IPL. Dream11 is the Title Sponsor for the ongoing IPL 2020.
These are the sponsors who sponsor the title of the league and get registered under their name. Like media rights, BCCI distributes revenue from title sponsorship among teams excluding their share in it.

Ticket Sale & Merchandise Sale

Revenue collected from the sales of tickets is shared between team and association which ground is associated with. Merchandise sales belong to the team.

What If The IPL Was Cancelled !!

Now, let’s understand that, The IPL is played on the theory of ‘no game no money’.
What would have happened, if the IPL had Not Taken Place this year, as speculated earlier ??
Moreover, it is not dependent at all on the Government of India for its finances.
Therefore, Famed Sports Astrologer Cum Strategist, Hirav Shah, has rightly said so that