The COVID pandemic is being anticipated to create a world economic crisis that shall hit $1 trillion in 2020 alone. For companies, this will result in shifting priorities by the hour and upheaval in several industries and markets.

Hirav Shah, the thought leader, Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer who is making waves on Global platforms making India proud says, “Digital technology has penetrated every aspect of our life, transforming the way we seek and receive information. Today, we search for any product or service on search engines rather than directories or other offline media. We communicate with others through emails, chats, social media posts, or blogs. In short, we engage with others online is all due to digitalization, and all are the benefits of digital data. Our life is revolving around different innovations, and technology influences every aspect of our life.”

Influence of AI in Digitalization

Artificial intelligence has a promising impact on digitalization. AI turns the global economy into a digital economy. AI started as an idea with potential, has now burst as a powerful force across the world. More and more companies are implementing AI in the process of digital transformation as it sets a benchmark for potential growth.

The utmost importance of AI in digital transformation is because AI services help companies to accelerate their digitization process. Today larger businesses, brands, big firms, and governments are adopting AI into their core activities to get smooth, efficient, and fast results in the process of their digital transformation.

Why automation in Digitalization?

When it comes to automation in digitization, we can not just follow the industry trends blindly. It requires the collective effort of management, resources, expert advice, and strategic thinking in the implementation of automation. AI, and ML, are already astonishing the world by breaking through all the leading industries over the globe. As a result, these industries are becoming more and more enunciated with each passing day. Various companies are gaining a competitive advantage by implementing automation in their digitization process.

A Step Towards AI Services

Well, we can say, early adopters, tend to become the winners. When it comes to AI adoption for your business digitalization process, bigger is always bolder. There is proven evidence of the companies that adopted AI services early, generating ten times better results than the companies that are slow and still experimenting with AI.

To complete the circle of digital transformation, you will have to introduce AI in the process. AI services improve the digitization process that’s beyond human efficiency as well as expectations.

Digitization in Healthcare

AI makes the healthcare system more effective and productive. AI helps healthcare in the process of digitization, it makes the process quicker, and at the same time, brings out fast and accurate results. Artificial Intelligence Services in the digital transformation process of healthcare helps to resolve patient’s critical queries about their physical and mental health through different Artificial Intelligence applications.

In short, AI in healthcare makes it more trustworthy and superhuman

Digitization in Education

Governments of both developed and developing countries tend to digitize the education sector. Technology seems to be a huge factor in the improvement of the education sector. Digital Boards are taking place on blackboards.

Digitization in Retail

From improving product design, automating supplier assessment, spare parts requirement, to the automation of supplier selection, automation service for logistics, Digitization of Retail is one the largest beneficiaries of A.I.

So we can say, AI provides strength to retail digitization and gives a seamless experience to 21st-century shoppers.

AI brings a new wave of opportunities.

A.I. provides a significant competitive advantage, but only to the firms that devote time and commitment to it. To successfully emend AI to any organization, a firm needs to build capabilities, the skills of employees must improve, and collaborative work culture is to be amended. The leaders must remember a tech is just a tool, and it does not deliver higher competence itself. It takes your will, dedication, and a team of experts to deliver the results to meet the expectations.

Digitalization can drive recovery from COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a toll on people’s lives, it has also stimulated change in the social, personal, economic, and corporate fronts. The focus has now shifted from growth, business development, and digitalization to just riding out the storm, that is, ensuring business continuity. However, organizations should not lose sight of the long-term effects of the crisis. Companies would have to rethink their business models according to changing customer demands. This crisis has forced organizations to invest in their digitalization strategies to establish sustainability.

Hirav shah says, “Companies need to direct their digitalization strategies towards increasing resilience and optimization. Rather than just focusing on increasing productivity, a sustainable and comprehensive digitalization strategy should focus on maintaining productivity during future challenges.”

Final point

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