People are in a stuck situation due to COVID-19 and Lockdown Circumstances. Even though the unlock process is happening many corporate companies are still not functioning in full force. The economy of our country is also going to the lowest surface ever in history.

Renowned Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah, who is famous for mixing business principles with astrology to help entrepreneurs to maximize their full potential and achieve their desired results, recently sheds light on how companies are surviving in these crucial times of pandemic. According to him, our country is fighting with CoronaVirus, due to the power of Digital Marketing Services. From Banking to Medical and Essential Items Delivery as well, Digital Services is working on the Front-Foot from different mediums and services. They are still working in the service of the nation to reduce the panic of people in this pandemic situation as well.

Hirav Shah lists down the wonders of Digital Marketing which has enabled the companies not only to survive but also to grow.

1. Easily Manageable Services from Home

As we know, IT Services are those services that can also be manageable from home as well. Employees have the flexibility to provide the ultimate results for marketing goals by doing work from home as well. On the other hand, traditional businesses that are still working on the portrait of brick and mortar stores can’t visit their stores in Lockdown Situation. They and their employees can’t do their day-to-day tasks from home. At this point, we just want to explain to you if you have a website and you want to run your businesses smoothly and with good-rates of leads then these marketing companies promote your business in this lockdown situation as well. They can work for you from home constantly.

2. E-Commerce Companies Are Working on Front Foot

Yes, and without the digital era, we can’t imagine the delivery of all essential items at home. Companies who had never engaged in food, grocery, and medical tools deliveries convert the nature of business within a few days to and now deliver essential items and medical accessories. All the things can-not be happening without online marketing services. Companies who are engaging in the branding and marketing of these companies also promote their portals through social media, organic marketing, and other promotional channels that now users can easily order any essential items through these e-commerce shopping websites instantly.

3. Traditional Ideas Worthless During Covid-19 & Only Digital Awareness Work:

How governmental or non-governmental agencies spread awareness for protection from Covid-19 in 130 Crore People? Do they use hoarding, banners, or pamphlets? Or are they going door to door for doing this? Well, the answer to this question is absolutely no and these things are done only from the digital channels and networks. Making people aware, regarding all safety measures, updates, and information all agencies are taking the help of digital services through Websites, Apps, and Other Internet Services. Right now, all traditional branding organizations are closed who promote the things through paper, large hoardings, and many other things but Digital Marketers are still promoting companies to survive in COVID19.

4. Hassle-Free Digital Payments With Customer Support:

To provide a robust assistant to the finance industry in our country, Digital Services is now providing time to time intimates to the customers and users of their services that we are working in the services of the nation and you can do your online payment and transaction of any other sectors from your home. That means, the intimate, promotion and time to time awareness also reduce the panic of customers because in the Lockdown situation they can’t visit banks, financial institutions, or any other organizations through which they are connected for many financial reasons.

Hirav Shah in his conclusion says that it is highly recommended keeping your marketing strategy organic and meaningful. Consider how your target market is behaving and how they may be impacted by this crisis. If you can communicate and connect with your users online in a meaningful way you will see the marketing value shine through well beyond this crisis.

We think organic social media interactions, and delivery of valuable, timely content can be the most cost-effective and strategic way to go about your marketing online.

Unfortunately, some industries may be more limited than others.

The most important thing to remember is that any effort you put into your digital now will continue to be valuable going forward.