While most of us are still staying sound and safe and sound inside our homes, it is being presumed that the COVID pandemic will have a long-term psychological shift in the way an online business runs. And this holds true for even offline agencies, where the staff has forcibly shut down operations to work virtually. But with the support of accurate digital marketing strategies, sectors and brands can flourish well even during these challenging phases. And to gain the maximum benefits to your business, here’s how you should practice digital marketing in post-COVID times, says Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah.

The Nice Indirect Benefit: Help The User

Hirav Shah says, “By reaching out to people and helping them during a critical period like post-COVID, it is an indirect form of brand awareness, eventually. There is a thin line drawn between marketing and altruism. When you take care of this line, it is a notable business profit.

Shah explains that now, it does not have to be like signing a hefty cheque or traveling to places for giving food and other resources, since it is not advisable presently. Simple measures of a 2-month free service trial, supplying free products, offering premium orders for a reduced price is fruitful when it comes to digital marketing.

The aspect which is notable is this marketing strategy is a profit for both sides (business and user). The chance, moreover, is likely that you get more traffic than before. So it is highly recommended to start connecting with users directly and help them with necessary digital requirements.

Educate The Users Virtually

A vast majority of the business professionals and bloggers today are selling books, subject-centric guides, crash-course materials, and other academic-related resources online. It is a direct way to generate leads and also retain your existing consumer base.

With the present state of Coronavirus transmission, people are more into learning something new from a different field or educating themselves in an existing domain for better knowledge and experience. Use this opportunity to give your subscribers, followers, clients, and patrons free academic courses and discounted costs on your learning materials. Analyze the users and then pick specific learning materials for the discount price since it will gain more readers within quite some time.

Moreover, the best strategy here is to connect your business industry, its processes, and other notable success quotients, with your educational material to impress the audience and assure them that the learning will be beneficial to the reader.

Choose Business Relevancy Over Diversity

Imagine that you have a brand in the construction sector that manages related contract works. You are now unable to assess when this COVID-19 period comes to a halt. Thus, experiencing a delay in the projects, late submission, and approval of architectural works, is going to be the road ahead of you.

The point to note from the above-given example is that your customer, at present, will only require daily essentials and emergency products; they won’t prioritize building a new house or shop. Henceforth, the direct marketing tactic here is to achieve sales and customer retention, through what is genuinely needed and relevant to the present business scenario.

And in the case of hit-hard sectors like construction, aviation, retail, tourism, travel, and shopping, etc., you have the choice. It’s better to save the present capital and go for virtual works or put your hands into digital marketing for an on-demand, different, service/product, concerning temporary reasons.

Translating Your Brand Works Now

Being bilingual is always an advantage, and it applies even to SEO ranking. Now that the COVID-19 virus is a global spread, authentic medical data reveals that some countries are affected less than others. So, this is your pain-point to address, and you take the initiative by making use of translation.

By translating your existing content, the online presence of your business will remarkably change. Also, different locations vary rank order preferences on search engines. So, if the content is excellent and the user is satisfied with your on-page information, then the probability of your brand ranking on the 1st page of SERPs is high.

Note that the benefits gained here are immense, but the process of content translation is also a tricky one. Say, if the sentence construction of a context is framed wrong, then its translated version might even turn absurd and awkward. Proofreading is the straight answer. And hence, translated contents will take different rankings in geographical locations, thus enabling you to reach even international users.

Hirav shah concludes by saying, “COVID-19 is taking a toll on several business sectors. But with relevant promotional strategies, your brand can thrive for betterment during this phase. You can even register with professionally reputed companies to help yourself in branding and acquiring sales. Thus, whether you have an offline or online brand, digital marketing is the bull’s eye to advertise, impact, and attract, and generate new or existing users.