Diwali is such a festival, as soon as a wave of joy starts to flow in the minds of people. People have engaged in cleaning and decorating their house some time ago. In such a situation, people need many things from clean house cleaning to clothes, sweets, dishes, diyas, rangoli, crackers, lights, etc. And due to the high requirement of these things, many opportunities for business also open up.

Celebrated Astro strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah says, “We all are very excited as the festive time is just about to begin in India. Diwali is celebrated in a very spectacular way in which individuals decorate their houses with different types of light and color flower paper. So, why not earn in millions by starting this business at such an auspicious time? Start decorative items business which can prove to be very beneficial for you especially at this time.”

He continues, “In this blog, I will inform you about Diwali Business Ideas through which you can earn good money. I want my followers to have a more enjoyable and Profitable Diwali 2020. I know I am a bit late to write this blog but better late than never.”

Profitable Diwali Business ideas: Decorative Items


Raw Material required in making decorative Items

The ones who are interested in this profitable business must note that a lot of things are required to make decorative materials, like glue, pearl, Kundan, paper, etc. You can easily buy all these things from the market and with the help of this material you can start the business of making decorative items.

How to make decorative items?

We all love colorful things during the festive time. As Diwali is a festival of light, go for colorful decorative items. You can make colorful things by buying many types of decoration related materials.

The right place for business

The ones who want to start this business from small investment can start doing it from home. You can easily start making decorative items and the ingredients by sitting at home. After you start earning, you can open a small shop and sell decorative items, but the shop should be in your market.

Required Registration for decorative items business

You do not need any type of registration to start this business as you are starting this business from your own house. However, if you open a shop to do this business, then you will have to take permission from the municipal body of your resident area.

Decorative items business: Total investment required

In this business, you may have to invest up to Rs 10000 which includes the raw materials and other expenses. However, investment varies depending upon the place and materials you choose in starting this business.

What will be the profit in the decorative items business?

Well, profit is directly related to the demand of your business. If we talk about the demand for decorative items, then it is very huge, especially during the festive time. So, the estimated profit is likely of Rs 50000 every month. Remember the products should be of good quality and your shop must be in a market area.

Quick Business Tips:

  • You can take help of the internet to make decorative things. Remember, there are plenty of ways on the Internet. You can choose from any of them.
  • You can also build your own brand of decorative items and put it online. In this way, your work will reach a large audience. It will expand your business and double your profits.
  • Make clients and start taking orders. In this, you have to give some ideas to clients and start working on the one they choose.
  • Do your work sincerely with full perfection and hard work.
  • For doubling the profits do marketing of your products both online and offline.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “It is evident that if there is a Will, there is a Way. You can earn money during the festival and fulfill your desire during that time. It is a good career opportunity as well because you can as creative as you want to be. Apart from that, there are some business ideas that will be easier for the women of the family and that definitely empowers the women during the festival. Lastly, all the given business ideas are sustainable and unique so it will help to reduce environmental waste and also boost your business. The festival of Diwali is a festival that people celebrate with great enthusiasm. But some people do not have so much money that they can celebrate festivals well. Therefore, if they do such a small business, then they will get money from it and they will be able to celebrate their festival very well.”