Hirav Shah Ji is a global phenomenon right now who is creating waves across many platforms like Corporate Businesses, Real Estate Sector, Sports Industry, entertainment Industry, Politics, and many more by providing innovative and extremely fruitful Business strategies that stem out of his immense knowledge of Business ideas and powerful tool of astrology. He has helped many amateur entrepreneurs in creating Business empires with his secret formulae to create momentum in Business growth with a sense of certainty of success.

Hirav Shah recently was wondering and imagining how the world would have been if the COVID didn’t happen.

He says, “Who’d have thought it would take a global pandemic and an economic crisis to see how we can re-imagine our future on the planet?”

Hirav Shah tells, “COVID-19 has swept through the world like a tsunami wave. It has shown no discrimination, infecting people regardless of religion, class, or wealth, ignoring national borders, demanding attention, and sweeping aside any attempts to deliver ‘business as usual’. The year 2020 has been all about the pandemic and how to stay safe from it. Washing hands, wearing a face mask, and maintaining social distance has come into practice and this practice has affected employment, businesses, and almost every cash transaction. Many of the restaurants began to offer Takeaway with the cashless point where you just swipe your card with a scan code for making payments. With so many changes taking effect worldwide, those who are employed are now working from home instead of visiting offices and it is likely that some companies may continue the trend for over more than a year to ensure that employees are safe”

While this is the present scenario, just imagine how the world would have been if Coronavirus did not arrive, and what would we be doing by now.

1. Economies would stay on course

The countries economies would stay on course and each respective nation would be making efforts to improve its stock market, commodities market, businesses, and other aspects. The lives of common people would go on with holidaying, traveling and many having a good time visiting different cities and places.

With Coronavirus in 2020, economies showed a deep dip and economists now say that V, W, and other shapes of economic growth would reflect in the coming days to recover from the pandemic.

2. Tourism and Travel

In 2019, the total contribution to the global economy was $9.25 trillion and this apparently indicates that people across the world loved traveling and there were many good aspects for the travel and tourism industry to boost its market while airlines, hotels, restaurants, and recreation places had their share of profit offering hospitality services to travelers. This trend would continue helping every tourism channel to earn its stake in the market and earn profits.

With pandemic, it has become very hard for travelers to halt their stay at home and even continue working from home for extra hours achieving their targets.

The biggest surprise is, there is no alternative to this. It has become mandatory to follow lockdown and stay home.

For many generations, this situation may not have occurred and especially for young people, it has really worked on them.

3. Shopping malls, hotels, and Movie Multiplexes

Regular grocery shopping would be on its course allowing people to visit grocery stores and buy their needs. Visiting malls is a regular practice for many. A pair of new clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, or some other home needs would be on a regular purchase, but with the pandemic in the city, this would never be possible and with this view, there are actually no new movies that were launched in 2020 and even Hollywood studios went into lockdown.

When it comes to the aspect of hotels and restaurants, some continue to supply food as free meals for those among poor communities while others are offering the facility of Takeaway.

Entertainment and recreation places would be active telecasting more new launches and the audience would enjoy visiting their favorite movie mall and buy popcorn, ice cream, coke, and enjoy special time with their loved ones.

Due to the pandemic period, this benefit of entertainment was taken away as recreation places were completely shutdown.

4. Businesses at home

From cake baking to homemade jewelry there are thousands of women-owned and those that were run by men. Without pandemic, men and women would be busy managing their businesses effectively, and they would do their marketing online and advertise on social media and get their customers. This would have been on a profitable course and customers would show a lot of enthusiasm and interest in shopping online for electronics, home accessories, clothing, and much more.

With pandemic in effect, customers are slightly withdrawn and have been spending more time browsing, viewing videos, reading reviews, and checking on products.

They may have rescheduled their buying decisions or consider buying at a later time.

5. Opening of Schools

Kids would have a wonderful and happy time in their classes attending school regularly. The running of school buses, playgrounds, sports, study time in classes would be on a normal course and this would be such an exciting time for children worldwide.

Now with the pandemic in effect, the schools went into lockdown, and teachers and students had to choose virtual classes online and many children were trying to cope with this new change. Some felt attending regular school is much better as children would be able to meet their friends, spend time, sharing lunch, and have a wonderful time daily. School is definitely their favorite place.

Other giant businesses stock market, currency, and commodities market would be in a full swing as they would make much progress in buying and selling and trading would be regular as earlier.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “The world would have been much different without COVID in 2020. This virus has changed the way we are currently living in India and a lot of other places in the world – in a lockdown. More – even after the lockdown, we are not going back to life as it was.

For better or for worse, life on earth has changed, forever! There is no going back. It is not a doomsday declaration.

I, for one, believe we could create a better quality of life for human beings and the rest of this living planet – if we choose to learn from COVID19. “