There has been a lot of anxiety among the Businessmen and Entrepreneurs all across the world about how to revive their sagging business which has lost its momentum post-COVID. World Famous Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah comes to their rescue and provides extremely efficient guidelines on not just reviving the business but also transforming them into successful ventures within a short period of time.

Hirav Shah as everyone knows is making a phenomenal impact in the fields of Corporate Businesses, Politics, Movie Industry, Sports, Real Estate sector, and many more. His innovative ideas which he combines with his impeccable knowledge of astrology to create Business strategies that have been helping entrepreneurs to reach their goals successfully and in a short time.

According to him, “The worst effects of the Covid crisis are still not over. Whilst it appeared as though the worst was over in early September, that now seems like it was too optimistic.”

Plan Ahead

Employers who have actually had personnel working at home should start preparation for two things. Initially, how they will survive the rest of the crisis. Second, how they will emerge from the pandemic with a more powerful company all set to take the opportunities which shall emerge when the economy begins to recover.

It seems a long period of time now since we weren’t discussing Coronavirus. At that time, dynamic organizations were planning how to bring brand-new services to market, how to enhance their processes, or how to make themselves more efficient.

Yet, in the middle of all the unpredictability and suffering, there are some patterns that organizations can capitalize on as they plan ahead.

Benefits of Working From Home

Many workers across the globe can clamber out of bed, stroll downstairs, and enter a Zoom video call with their co-workers at 9:00 am. Some probably even attended without even getting out of bed!

No driving to work, no long commuting time on the subway, crushed together with all the other passengers. Less fatigue, more time to spend with the kids, and fewer interruptions. For numerous employees, working at home has actually been a blessing in disguise. In brief, lots of employees believe their efficiency is greater when home working.

What should employers do when the COVID19 pandemic is over? Instruct everyone to come back to the workplace to commence work? Numerous employers will recognize that this is a massive opportunity to change their approach. Why go back to the old methods when the brand-new methods have so many benefits? More productive employees, smaller rent to pay for workspace, less staff to employ for security, and other services.

Business plan

Planning your business to move to remote working is a smart move. And getting this done is where project managers come in. A great project manager can compose a business plan to compare the costs and risks versus the benefits to be gained. They can present it to upper management, get their approval, and secure the funding to carry out the project.

Project Manager

Having an efficient Project manager increases the likelihood a project will be successful and profitable, enabling your business to grow.

An excellent project manager will understand how to develop project management strategies and plans, which set out the timescales and budget needed to make it possible for the modifications to happen. The project management plan will break down the work into manageable portions. The project manager shall then assign the work to the ideal group, keep track of the work, report back to upper management, and make sure that any problems and threats get handled.

Hirav Shah mentions an efficient Project Manager can increase the likelihood a project will be successful and profitable, enabling your business to grow in the following ways:

Provide vision and direction – the project manager identifies the aims and vision of the project and gives it purpose and direction. They also provide the point of contact for the project. They are responsible for all communication between stakeholders, customers, and the project team, which decreases confusion and increases accuracy.

Increase efficiency – the project manager works with the project team to define the tasks which need to be undertaken in order to complete the project, and in what order they should occur. This ensures that they are completed efficiently.

Control scope – The scope of the project is comprised of what has to be delivered (the project deliverables) and what work has to be done to deliver the project deliverables. The project manager will continually address scope management throughout the life of the project by regular monitoring and controlling. This in turn saves effort and cost.

Manage costs – Delivering on time and within budget are two constraints of any project. The project manager controls not only monetary costs but also the people’s resources, both internal and external, and the equipment costs as well.

Manage time – the time is arguably the biggest challenge of any project. The project manager must control the project schedule by examining milestones, key dates, and the critical path throughout the project lifecycle.
Schedule the work – the project manager ensures that all the project team members work on their tasks in the appropriate order. This includes calculating the time a task takes and solving any problems which may delay them from making their deadlines.

Deal with potential risks – there is always a chance for potential risks in a project no matter how well planned. A project manager will identify potential risks, assess the impact they may have, and consequently make a plan to avoid or manage them. The aim of risk management is to reduce the undesirable consequences (impact) to a project of a risk occurring.

Administer procurement – if your project requires products and services from outside your organization, the project manager manages these contracts and controls the terms of these contracts.

Communicate with stakeholders – Once the project is up and running, it is crucial to communicate the progress of the project to both the project team and the stakeholders. The project manager communicates the goals and performance to business leaders in a regularly scheduled report.

Close the project – After the project has met the goals and expectations of the project customer, the project management documents and reviews the project phases with the stakeholders. Evaluation of the project is undertaken with lessons learned duly noted for the next project.


That’s great if your company has experienced or trained up project managers ready to take the initiative. However, what if your company is small, or does not have an experienced project manager? Well, if you can’t find an experienced project manager, the next best thing is to train up your own personnel. That implies sending them to get trained on one of the very many project management courses which are offered.

Right now, the majority of project manager courses take place as virtual instructor-led courses, or as self-study online training courses. In any case, attendees will discover the essentials of project management: planning, managing threats, managing modifications, managing stakeholders, management of quality.

The Future

Hirav Shah adding his final points pertaining to this issue by saying, “With an excellent project manager helping your business to migrate to a leaner, more effective machine, your company can focus on getting itself all set to benefit from the development of the economy that will occur after the Covid pandemic is over. While following the strategy mentioned above, take note of the lessons learned from the recent crisis and draw an effective crisis management plan that takes immediate and long-term impact. Thus, a robust digital and technological ecosystem that can ensure minimum damage to productivity must be in place by creating a financial backup and reservoir of funding. Although most companies are prepared for internal crises such as fire, theft, etc., even if they have insurance scheme preliminary steps, they need an excellent business recovery plan. It is crucial to bear in mind the average days of loss of jobs, income effects, liabilities, and outstanding activities.”

He also adds, “Before appointing a project manager for your ambitious business, it is advisable to consult an Astro Strategist who can check the compatibility of the selected person’s horoscope with that of the company. That will give the business an extra edge and more certainty of success in a shorter period of time. For the survival of the business, growth plays a vital role and it depends on its internal environment and external environment. A business plan can work for a few and cannot work for others. But those for whom it worked, should ask themselves whether or not the plan makes their business reach its full potential. If not, then a Business Astrologer can make it reach beyond its current status and to the height, it was meant to achieve.”